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Characterization of porous collagen/hyaluronic acid scaffold modified by...

Si-Nae Park ; Jong-Chul Park ; Hea Ok Kim ; Min Jung Song ; Hwal Suh BIOMATERIALS, Vol.23(4) : 1205-1212, 2002

Motion artifact reduction in photoplethysmography using independent comp...

Kim, B.S. ; Yoo, S.K. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING, Vol.53(3) : 566-568, 2006

Biological characterization of EDC-crosslinked collagen–hyaluronic acid ...

Si-Nae Park ; Hye Jung Lee ; Hwal Suh ; Kwang Hoon Lee BIOMATERIALS, Vol.24(9) : 1631-1641, 2003
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2012Effect of asiaticoside for wound repair and fabrication of 3D biodegradable polymer mesh containing asiaticoside Thesis
2009Genetic fuzzy classifier and nonlinear analysis for sleep stage identification based on single EEG signal Thesis
2005다중 환자 정보 저장소에 대한 웹기반 보안 접근 Thesis
1966骨 關節結核의 臨床細菌學的 硏究Thesis