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EULAR recommendations for the management of Behçet disease

G Hatemi ; A Silman ; D Bang ; B Bodaghi ; A M Chamberlain ; A Gul ; M H Houm... ANNALS OF THE RHEUMATIC DISEASES, Vol.67(12) : 1656-1662, 2008

The Asian atopic dermatitis phenotype combines features of atopic dermat...

Shinji Noda ; Mayte Su arez-Fari~nas ; Benjamin Ungar ; Soo Jung Kim ; Cristi... JOURNAL OF ALLERGY AND CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY, Vol.136(5) : 1254-1264, 2015

The emerging role of resident memory T cells in protective immunity and ...

Changook Park ; Thomas S Kupper NATURE MEDICINE, Vol.21(7) : 688-697, 2015
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Issue DateTitleJournal Title
2024Exploring Molecular Genetic Alterations and RAF Fusions in Melanoma: A Belvarafenib Expanded Access Program in Patients with RAS/RAF-Mutant Melanoma ONCOLOGIST
2024Nuclear Localization of Yes-Associated Protein Is Associated With Tumor Progression in Cutaneous Melanoma LABORATORY INVESTIGATION
2024Biomarkers for phenotype-endotype relationship in atopic dermatitis: a critical review EBIOMEDICINE
2024Particulate matter stimulates the NADPH oxidase system via AhR-mediated epigenetic modifications ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION
2024CSMP: A Self-Assembled Plant Polysaccharide-Based Hydrofilm for Enhanced Wound HealingADVANCED HEALTHCARE MATERIALS
2024Open-top Bessel beam two-photon light sheet microscopy for three-dimensional pathology ELIFE
2024High-dimensional profiling of regulatory T cells in psoriasis reveals an impaired skin-trafficking property EBIOMEDICINE
2024Consensus Report on Truncal Acne: The Korean Acne and Rosacea Society Experts Panel ANNALS OF DERMATOLOGY
2024Low-molecular-weight collagen peptides supplement promotes a healthy skin: A randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled study JOURNAL OF COSMETIC DERMATOLOGY
2024The efficacy of intradermal hyaluronic acid filler as a skin quality booster: A prospective, single-center, single-arm pilot study JOURNAL OF COSMETIC DERMATOLOGY
2024Quantitative Analysis of Hair Luster in a Novel Ultraviolet-Irradiated Mouse Model INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES
2024Skin microbe-dependent TSLP-ILC2 priming axis in early life is co-opted in allergic inflammationCELL HOST & MICROBE
2024ISG15-USP18 Dysregulation by Oxidative Stress Promotes IFN-γ Secretion from CD8+ T Cells in VitiligoJOURNAL OF INVESTIGATIVE DERMATOLOGY
2024Quantitative measurement of hair diameter diversity as a diagnostic indicator of androgenetic alopecia in Korean males: A cross-sectional study JAAD International
2024Looking Beyond the Hutchinson Sign: A Retrospective Study of Clinical Factors Indicating the Presence and Invasiveness of Nail Unit Melanoma in Patients With Longitudinal MelanonychiaDERMATOLOGIC SURGERY
2024Knowledge and the behavioral patterns of photoprotection among Koreans with skin diseasePHOTODERMATOLOGY PHOTOIMMUNOLOGY & PHOTOMEDICINE
2024The effects of long-pulsed alexandrite laser therapy on facial redness and skin microbiota compositions in rosacea: A prospective, multicentre, single-arm clinical trialPHOTODERMATOLOGY PHOTOIMMUNOLOGY & PHOTOMEDICINE
2024Efficacy and safety of a home-use handheld multi-energy-based device for skin rejuvenation: clinical, ex vivo, and histological studiesLASERS IN MEDICAL SCIENCE
2024CXCL12 Neutralizing Antibody Promotes Hair Growth in Androgenic Alopecia and Alopecia Areata INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES
2024Immediate Cryotherapy After Core Excision: A Promising Approach to Reduce Mechanical Tension in Recalcitrant KeloidsDERMATOLOGIC SURGERY