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2021A study on the changes in hepcidin in an animal model of anemia of chronic inflammation: mechanistic insights related to iron supplementation and hepcidin regulation Dissertation
2017Effect of pregabalin administration upon reperfusion in a rat model of hyperglycemic stroke: mechanistic insights associated with High-mobility group box 1 Dissertation
2017Ethyl pyruvate retains its protective effect against myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury under hyperglycemic condition Dissertation
2017Effects of various durations of post-treatment with trimetazidine against ischemia-reperfusion : early and long-term effects in a rat kidney model Dissertation
2018Optimal dose of combined rocuronium and cisatracurium during minor surgery Dissertation
2015The anti-inflammatory effects of agmatine on transient focal cerebral ischemia in diabetic rats Dissertation
2014Effect of carbon dioxide pneumoperitoneum on the expression and activity of arginase in rats Dissertation
2013Anatomical analysis of medial branches of the dorsal rami of cervical nerves for radiofrequency thermocoagulation Dissertation
2008경직형 뇌성마비아동에서 관찰된 말명료도와 관련 말 평가 변인 Dissertation
1983소독제에 대한 Giardia lamblia씨스트의 저항력에 관한 연구Dissertation
2014Protective effect of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor α activation against cardiac ischemia-reperfusion injury is related to up-regulation of uncoupling protein-3 Dissertation
2012Propofol attenuates renal ischemia-reperfusion injury aggravated by hyperglycemia Dissertation
2012The effects of hyperglycemia on hypoxia-reoxygenation injury and remifentanil-preconditioning in cardiomyocytesDissertation
2003뇌혈관내피세포의 허혈 손상에 의한 nuclear factor kappa B 활성화의 역할 Dissertation
2002흰쥐 횡격막 표본에서 Dexamethasone이 신경근육 전달에 미치는 영향 Dissertation
2001Methylmethacrylate monomer가 심근 수축에 미치는 영향 Dissertation
1985Liposome에 삽입한 간장암 세포 항체와 항암제의 항암효과에 관한 연구Dissertation
1998기니픽의 회장평활근에서 NANC 신경전달물질의 작용기전Dissertation
2008Functional amino acid residues in agonist binding and its linking to channel gating of 5-HT3A receptor in anesthetic modulation Dissertation
2007Expression of calcium homeostasis proteins and protective effects in ketamine-treated cardiomyocytes Dissertation

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