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 A Case of Descemet's Membrane Detachment during Lidocaine Injection for Hordeolum Incision and Drainage 
 김보람  ;  박시윤  ;  이형근  ;  서경률  ;  김응권  ;  김태임 
 Journal of the Korean Ophthalmological Society (대한안과학회지), Vol.57(11) : 1790-1794, 2016 
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 Journal of the Korean Ophthalmological Society (대한안과학회지) 
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Descemet's membrane rupture ; Incision and drainage procedures for hordeolum ; Local anesthesia
Purpose: To report a case of Descemet’s membrane detachment and corneal edema caused by an iatrogenic corneal perforation created while performing a local anesthetic (lidocaine) injection into the eyelid for a hordeolum incision and a drainage procedure. The detachment resolved after 14% C3F8 gas and air injections into the anterior chamber. Case summary: An 8-year-old female visited our clinic after the onset of severe pain and decreased visual acuity while receiving a local anesthetic injection into the upper eyelid in preparation for a hordeolum incision and drainage procedure. Corneal optical coherence tomography (OCT) showed Descemet’s membrane detachment. Three days after the first visit, the corneal epithelium had entirely healed. However, Descemet’s membrane detachment persisted even after three weeks of follow-up. A corneal OCT was repeated after three weeks and showed a partial Descemet’s membrane rupture. A more aggressive treatment method was deemed necessary, and gas and air injections into the anterior chamber were performed. After 48 hours, aside from some Descemet’s membrane rolling at the site of rupture, overall reattachment of Descemet’s membrane was noted. After three months of follow-up, the patient showed a stable corneal state and normalized vision. Conclusions: Descemet’s membrane detachment and rupture resulting from an iatrogenic corneal perforation during an injection of lidocaine to the eyelid led to decreased visual acuity from corneal edema. As a more aggressive treatment method, 14 % C3F8 gas and air injections into the anterior chamber were performed and resulted in near complete reattachment of Descemet’s membrane’s and normalization of the patient’s visual acuity.
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