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자궁평활근종과 그와 짝지어진 자궁평활근에서의 마이크로 RNA 발현의 차이

 이영주  ;  이재훈  ;  조시현  ;  최영식 
 Journal of Chronic Pelvic Pain, Vol.9 : 97-104, 2018 
Journal Title
Journal of Chronic Pelvic Pain
Issue Date
micro RNA ; microarray ; uterine leiomyoma ; myometrium
Objectives: Uterine leiomyoma is found in 40%~70% of women in reproductive age and is the most common reason for hysterectomy which causes high social medical expenses. The pathogenesis of leiomyoma is not well understood yet, there are growing evidence that micro RNAs(miRs) play crucial role in the pathogenesis of leiomyoma. In this context, we aimed to investigate aberrantly regulated micro miRs in leiomyomas. Methods: Leiomyoma and paired uterine myometrium tissue samples were collected from hysterectomy specimens removed for symptomatic disease(n=13). By using miR microarrays, and quantitative reverse transcriptase PCR (RT-PCR) aberrantly regulated miRs were searched in leiomyomas. Results: Six miRs were differentially expressed in leiomyoma versus normal myometrium according to miR microarrays. Of these, three were overexpressed and three were underexpressed in leiomyomas. . These findings were confirmed using RT- PCR for selected miRs (miRs 139 and 150). Conclusion: Our findings indicate that miRs are differentially expressed between human leiomyoma and matched myometrium. Given this differential expression, miRs may play a role in the pathogenesis of uterine leiomyoma and may serve as future therapeutic targets for the treatment of these tumors.
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