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치면열구전색치아의 미세누출 평가를 위한 Swept-Source Optical Coherence Tomography의 타당도 평가

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 Evaluation of sealant microleakage using Swept-Source Optical Coherence Tomography 
 남상미  ;  구혜민  ;  이은송  ;  김백일 
 Journal of the Korean Dental Association (대한치과의사협회지), Vol.56(12) : 686-694, 2018 
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 Journal of the Korean Dental Association (대한치과의사협회지) 
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Swept-source optical coherence tomography (SS-OCT) ; Pit and fissure sealant ; Microleakage
Purpose: The aim of this study was to evaluate the validity of swept-source optical coherence tomography (SS-OCT) for detecting sealant microleakage. Materials and Methods: A total of 31 extracted sound human molar, assigned as suitable for sealant application, were chosen and divided into two groups: (1) no microleakage group and (2) microleakage group by applying sealant using the different methods. All specimens were immersed in 1% methylene blue for 24 h and sectioned to confirm the absence or presence of sealant microleakage as a gold standard method. Subsequently, all the sectioned specimens were digitally photographed using a microscope with a magnification of 50. Presence of microleakage was evaluated on a 2-point rating scale. The association of histological method with conventional methods (visual and tactile assessment) and SS-OCT was assessed using a chi-squared test. The intra- and inter-examiner reliability was calculated using Cohen’s Kappa. Results: The SS-OCT showed a sensitivity of 0.73 and a specificity of 1.00, while visual and tactile assessment showed a sensitivity of 0.67 and a specificity of 0.86. The inter-examiner reliability of SS-OCT was 0.79, whereas that of the visual and tactile assessment was 0.53. Conclusions: SS-OCT can be used to non-invasively detect sealant microleakage and to monitor pit and fissure sealant in the clinics.
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