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산전 자가유방 마사지 교육이 초산모의 모유수유 자기효능감, 모유수유 적응과 실천에 미치는 효과

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 Effects of Prenatal Breast Self-massage Education on Breastfeeding Self-efficacy, Adaptation, and Practice in Primiparous Women 
 김수  ;  이혜정  ;  김선희  ;  김성연 
 Korean Parent-Child Health Journal (부모·자녀건강학회지), Vol.20(1) : 18-27, 2017 
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Korean Parent-Child Health Journal(부모·자녀건강학회지)
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Breastfeeding ; Massage ; Self-efficacy ; Adaptation
Purpose: This study aimed to verify the effects of prenatal breast self-massage education on first-time mothers' breastfeeding self-efficacy, breastfeeding adaptation, and breastfeeding practice. Method: The experimental group (n=26) received prenatal breast self-massage education focused on self mamma care (SMC) at 34-36 weeks gestation and 2 weeks later face-to-face. The control group (n=25) was recruited immediately following birth and received usual care. Breastfeeding self-efficacy was measured 4 hours after childbirth and 3 days later, and breastfeeding practice, breastfeeding adaptation, and breastfeeding-related characteristics were measured 2 weeks and 4 weeks after childbirth through online survey. The data were analyzed by x2 test and t-test using SPSS/WIN 24.0. Results: There was no significant difference in breastfeeding self-efficacy of the experimental group at 4 hours after childbirth (t=0.83, p=.410) whereas it was statistically significantly higher at 3 days postpartum (t=2.86, p=.006). There were no significant differences in breastfeeding adaptation between the two groups at both 2 weeks (t=1.76, p=.084) and 4 weeks postpartum (t=0.87, p=.388). For breastfeeding practice a statistically significant difference was found at 4 weeks for the experimental group ($x^2=4.77$, p=.036). Conclusion: This antenatal SMC intervention was found to be a feasible intervention for use in clinical practice.
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