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진단기간에 따른 고혈압 환자의 건강 행위 이행에 영향을 미치는 요인

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 Affecting Factors of Health Behavior Adherence depending on the Duration of the Hypertension Diagnosis 
 옥종선  ;  고일선  ;  유규형 
 Korean Journal of Rehabilitation Nursing (재활간호학회지), Vol.20(2) : 151-163, 2017 
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Korean Journal of Rehabilitation Nursing(재활간호학회지)
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Purpose : This study was to analyze health behavior adherence and identify affecting factors on the duration of the hypertension diagnosis.

Methods : A total of 154 patients of hypertension participated in this study. Data were collected from October to December, 2013 and analyzed using frequency, t-test, ANOVA, multiple linear regression.

Results : The scores of health behavior adherence and hypertension knowledge in incidental hypertension patients were 82.23±9.69, 17.86±4.33, respectively. In the treated hypertension patients, the scores of health behavior adherence were 89.30±10.17 and hypertension knowledge were 18.54±3.89. The selected independent variables explained 34% of the health behaviors in the incidental hypertension patients and 36% of the health behaviors in the treated hypertension patients. The regression models were statistically significant (F=4.37, p<.001, F=4.45, p<.001). Among selected potential influencing factors, age (β=.423, p<.001), smoking habit (β=-.227, p=.038), obesity (β=.369, p=.030), hypertension knowledge (β=.281, p=.007), coping strategies (β=.261, p=.015) affect health behavior adherence in the incidental hypertension. In the treated hypertension patients age (β=.362, p=.007), sex (β=-.396, p=.004), smoking habit (β=-.245, p=.022), perceived health status (β=-.238, p=.035) affect health behavior adherence.

Conclusion : There was difference about health behavior adherence between newly diagnosed and treated hypertension patients. So different approaches for incidental and treated hypertensive patient need to improve health behavior through tailored nursing intervention.
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