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Morphological analysis of the lower second premolar for age estimation of Korean adults

 Jeong-Hee Lee  ;  Chena Lee  ;  Bulgan Battulga  ;  Ji Yeon Na  ;  Jae Joon Hwang  ;  Young Hyun Kim  ;  Sang-Sun Han 
 FORENSIC SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL, Vol.281 : 186.e1-186.e6, 2017 
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Age estimation by teeth ; Dental pulp cavity ; Forensic Anthropology Population Data ; Forensic dentistry ; Panoramic radiography ; Secondary dentin
OBJECTIVES: This study aimed to examine the applicability of the pulp/tooth area ratio in the lower premolar teeth using panoramic radiography in age estimation of Korean adults.

METHODS: 402 digital panoramic images of Korean adults between 20 and 78 years were analyzed. Following Cameriere et al.'s method, two observers measured the pulp and tooth areas of the lower second premolar on digital panoramic images, and the ratio of pulp to tooth area in the whole tooth (PTR) was calculated. In addition, the whole tooth was divided into coronal and root parts at the cementoenamel junction, and the ratios in the coronal part (PcCR) and root part (PrRR) were also calculated separately. Independent t-test, Analysis of covariance, linear regression, and the standard error of the estimate (SEE) were computed using statistical software. To justify the use of linear regression models for purposes of prediction, diagnostic tests of principal assumptions were also performed.

RESULTS: Independent t-test revealed significant differences in genders. PrRR produced the best age correlation (male, SEE=10.8; female, SEE=9.8; total, SEE=10.4 years), followed closely by PTR (male, SEE=11.1; female, SEE=10.3; total, SEE=10.7 years) and a relatively lower accuracy for PcCR (male, SEE=14.7; female, SEE=14.4; total, SEE=14.6 years). Model assumptions and accuracy for purposes of prediction in PTR and PrRR were satisfied.

CONCLUSIONS: The pulp/tooth area ratio using panoramic radiography has the potential as an effective tool for age estimation in the Korean adult population, and the pulp/tooth area ratio in the root part is more accurate than that of the whole tooth. Notably, female has shown higher accuracy compare to male subject.
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