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한국 성인의 전신건강상태와 치주질환과의 관련성 분석- 2012년도 제 5기 국민건강영양조사 결과 분석 -

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 Analysis of the Relationship Between Systemic Health Status and Periodontal Disease in Korean Adults - Survey study of the Fifth Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination - 
 이선미  ;  김기열  ;  김진 
 Korean Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology (대한구강악안면병리학회지), Vol.39(2) : 447-455, 2015 
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 Korean Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology (대한구강악안면병리학회지) 
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Periodontal disease ; Systemic diseases
The purpose of this study was to synthetically examine the relationship between systemic diseases and periodontal diseases. The data obtained from the Fifth Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey were used. SPSS 18.0 for Windows was applied for statistical analysis. The surveyed data were analyzed by using independent sample t-test for the difference between Body Mass Index and clinical test according to the existence of periodontal disease, and X2 test for the relationship between periodontal disease and systemic disease. Multiple logistic regression analysis was used in order to figure out the influence upon the periodontal disease prevalence among general characteristics and systemic diseases. As results, the values of high density lipoprotein (HDL) and HBA1C were statistically significant, depending on the presence of periodontal disease. As for the relationship between periodontal disease and systemic disease, hypertension (odds ratio 1.362, p<.05), cardiovascular disease (odds ratio 2.118, p<.05), arthritis (odds ratio 1.289, p<.05) and cirrhosis (odds ratio 6.124, p<.05) were statistically significant. According to Multiple logistic regression analysis, gender (odds ratio 1.24, p<.05), alcohol intake (odds ratio 1.25, p<.05), cardiovascular diseases (odds ratio 1.56, p<.05), and liver cirrhosis (odds ratio 1.17, p<.05) were related to the prevalence of periodontal diseases. In conclusion, the systemic diseases such as cardiovascular system, diabetes, and liver diseases revealed to have relationship with periodontal disease. To strengthen oral health education is needed to enhance systemic health as well as oral health. Moreover, basic biological research should be followed to support this surveyed study.
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