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공기청정기 사용으로 인한 실내 미세먼지 제어 및 위해 저감 - 가정집(원룸)을 대상으로

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 PM risk reduction in accordance with application of an air cleaner - Focused on home (studio apartment) 
 김호현  ;  박찬정  ;  김종철  ;  이용진  ;  이철민  ;  곽윤경  ;  손혜림  ;  이시은  ;  임영욱 
 Journal of Odor and Indoor Environment (실내환경 및 냄새 학회지), Vol.14(4) : 253-262, 2015 
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 Journal of Odor and Indoor Environment (실내환경 및 냄새 학회지) 
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PM10 ; PM2.5 ; Black carbon ; Air cleaner ; Risk reduction ; Studio apartment
During periods where a fine dust watch was announced, we measured particulate matter by the light scattering method and the gravimetric method in accordance with the application of an air cleaner in 3 homes. The first investigation showed a lower indoor particulate matter 2.5 (PM2.5) concentration distribution than normal when there was a fine dust warning. Also, it was found that the result of the second research was similar to the first research, and was the effect of an air cleaner. The result of a comparison of black carbon (BC) concentration in accordance with an air cleaner at one room showed a lower concentration distribution than normal, as in the first and the second research when there was a fine dust warning. PM2.5 risk reduction effect showed 9.09E-5 (light scattering method) ~ 9.37E-5 (Gravimetric method) and 1.71E-4 (Light scattering method) ~ 1.76E-4 (Gravimetric method). Therefore, it was found that when there was a fine dust watch without ventilation, if air cleaner with the proper capacity is used and the influx of outside air reduced, the harmful effects of the fine dust can be lessened.
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