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 Age-related Changes in Word Defining Abilities in Concrete and Abstract Nouns with Normal Elderly 
 김수련  ;  김향희 
 Journal of Rehabilitation Research (재활복지), Vol.21(3) : 187-207, 2017 
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 Journal of Rehabilitation Research (재활복지) 
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normal elderly ; aging ; word definition ; concrete noun ; abstract noun
The purpose of this study was to explore the characteristics of defining concrete and abstract nouns for the elderly. A total of 382 elderly participated in this study and they were classified into four age groups (i.e., over 55 to under 64, over 65 to under 74, over 75 to under 84, and over 85 year-old group). They performed the word definition task, composed of five concrete and five abstract nouns. The total scores and numbers and ratio of core/supplementary meanings were compared among four elderly groups. The frequency and ratio of error types were also examined. The results showed that all four groups had statistically significant differences in total scores, numbers and ratio of core and supplementary meaning of concrete noun definition task. In addition, abstract noun definition performances revealed group differences except the two groups (over 75 to under 84 and over 85-year-old group). The oldest group showed a sharp increase in error production. The highest ratio of error types were personal experience in over 55 to under 64-year-old group, and over 65 to under 74 year-old groups; and for the target word repetition in over 75 to under 84 year-old group; and no response in over 85 year-old group. In conclusion, both concrete and abstract word defining abilities had age-related deterioration. This decline results from impairment in spreading semantic knowledge within semantic network, which is vulnerable to aging. Characteristics of word definition for elderly can provide basic information to understand various neurolinguistic disorders associated with age.
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