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근단변위판막술과 함께 유리치은이식술을사용하여 임플란트 주변 각화치은을 증대시킨2건의 증례 보고

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 Free gingival graft in combination with apically positioned flap for establishment of keratinized gingiva around the implants: Report of two cases 
 백원선  ;  차재국  ;  이재홍  ;  이중석  ;  정의원 
 Journal of the Korean Dental Association (대한치과의사협회지), Vol.54(4) : 296-305, 2016 
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Journal of the Korean Dental Association(대한치과의사협회지)
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Dental implants ; Free gingival graft ; Keratinized gingiva augmentation
Narrow zone of attached gingiva and shallow vestibule around the implants might contribute to difficulty of cleasing, periimplant mucositis caused by incomplete cleansing and further peri-implantitis. The aim of this case report is to present modification of soft tissue biotype around the implants by free gingival grafts according to timing of surgical intervention and shape of free gingiva. A 44 year-old male patient had a missing area on lower right second molar area with 1 to 2 mm of narrow attached gingiva zone and wanted to be treated by implant placement. In radiographic analysis, there was enough alveolar bone to install an implant, free gingiva from hard palate was grafted following implant placement using double layer flap. The width of attached gingival was increased to 4 to 5mm and well maintained during 5 months of follow up. A 69 year-old female patient also had a missing area on lower right first and second molar area with 1 to 2 mm narrow attached gingiva. Since she had systematically angina pectoris and dental phobia, minimal invasive free gingival graft after implants placement was planned. After 2 months of implant surgery, free gingival graft surgery was performed with healing abutments connection. The grafted gingiva was composed of two strip shaped free gingiva, and they were immobilized by periodontal pack. The width of attached gingival was increased to 4 to 5mm and well maintained during 10 months of follow up. With prosthesis delivery, the patients recovered ideal periodontal environment around implants and masticatory function. In conclusion, periodontal health and masticatory function could be achieved through implant placement and free gingival graft.
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Baek, Won-Sun(백원선)
Lee, Jung Seok(이중석) ORCID logo https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1276-5978
Jung, Ui Won(정의원) ORCID logo https://orcid.org/0000-0001-6371-4172
Cha, Jae Kook(차재국) ORCID logo https://orcid.org/0000-0001-6817-9834
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