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서울시 대기 중 이산화질소 농도와 천식증상의 비교 연구- 2012~2013년 지역사회건강조사 자료를 중심으로 -

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 Comparison Study of Nitrogen Dioxide and Asthma Doctor’s Diagnosis in Seoul - Base on Community Health Survey 2012~ 2013 - 
 이상규  ;  이용진  ;  임영욱  ;  김정수  ;  신동천 
 Journal of Korean Society for Atmospheric Environment (한국대기환경학회지), Vol.32(6) : 575-582, 2016 
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 Journal of Korean Society for Atmospheric Environment (한국대기환경학회지) 
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Seoul city has high population density as well as high traffic congestion, which are vulnerable to exposure of environmental pollutions caused by car traffic. However, recent studies are only on local regions about road traffic and air pollution or health effect of road traffic on residents. Thus, comprehensive study data are needed in terms of overall Seoul regions. In this study utilized the nitrogen dioxide concentration through the national air pollution monitoring network data, 2012 to 2013. It also divided regions into high and low exposure districts via the Origin destination data developed by the Korea transport institute to quantify and evaluate the effect of transport policies and analyzed a correlation of asthma symptoms with high and low exposure districts through raw data of community health survey from the Korea centers for disease control and prevention. Based on the collected data, the pearson`s correlation analysis was conducted between air pollution substance concentration and high exposure district and multiple logistic regression analysis was conducted to determine the effect of traffic environment and factors on asthma symptoms of residents. Accordingly, the following results were derived. First, the high exposure district was higher concentrations of nitrogen dioxide () as per time compared to those of the low exposure district (p<0.01). Second, analysis on correlation between average daily environmental concentration in the air pollution monitoring network and road traffic showed that nitrogen dioxide had a significant positive correlation (p<0.01) with car traffic and total traffic as well as with truck traffic (p<0.05) statistically. Third, an adjusted odds ratio about asthma doctor`s diagnosis in the high and low exposure districts was analyzed through the logistic regression analysis. With regard to an adjusted model 2 (adjusted gender, age, health behavior characteristics, and demographic characteristics) odds ratio of asthma doctor`s diagnosis in the high exposure district was 1.624 (95% CI: 1.269~2.077) compared to that of the low exposure district, which was significant statistically (p<0.001).
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