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기하학적 형태계측학을 이용한 조선시대 사람뼈 집단의 눈확과 코의 좌우 비대칭 양상 연구

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 A Study of Bilateral Asymmetry Pattern in the Eye Orbit and Nose of the Joseon Dynasty Skeletal Group Using Geometric Morphometrics 
 정현우  ;  우은진  ;  박순영 
 Korean Journal of Physical Anthropology (대한체질인류학회지), Vol.29(4) : 135-143, 2016 
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 Korean Journal of Physical Anthropology (대한체질인류학회지) 
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In this study, the pattern of bilateral asymmetry in the eye orbit and nose of the Joseon Dynasty skeletal group was analyzed using geometric morphometrics. For this, 38 adult males and 38 adult females from the Joseon Dynasty skeletal group belonging to the 15th to early 20th centuries were examined. For geometric morphometric analysis, Procrustes superimposition was performed on 10 landmarks in both eye orbits and 7 nasal landmarks. The data were analyzed by multivariate analysis of variance with partial least square scores. In results, the lateral landmarks had more impact on the bilateral asymmetry in the eye orbit and nose than the center landmarks. The eye orbit and nose on the right side of the face seemed bigger than those of the left side, while the direction of asymmetry in the eye orbit and nose was different. The correlation between asymmetry patterns in the eye orbit and nose were statistically significant (p<0.01). The results of this study will be useful for examining causes of bilateral asymmetry in the eye orbits and noses of the Korean population.
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