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Controlled Delivery of Extracellular ROS Based on Hematoporphyrin-Incorporated Polyurethane Film for Enhanced Proliferation of Endothelial Cells

 Min-Ah Koo  ;  Bong-Jin Kim  ;  Mi Hee Lee  ;  Byeong-Ju Kwon  ;  Min Sung Kim  ;  Gyeung Mi Seon  ;  Dohyun Kim  ;  Ki Chang Nam  ;  Kang-Kyun Wang  ;  Yong-Rok Kim  ;  Jong-Chul Park 
 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, Vol.8(42) : 28448-28457, 2016 
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 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 
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Hp-PU film ; endothelial cell proliferation ; localized delivery ; photodynamic treatment ; reactive oxygen species
The principle of photodynamic treatment (PDT) involves the administration of photosensitizer (PS) at diseased tissues, followed by light irradiation to produce reactive oxygen species (ROS). In cells, a moderate increase in ROS plays an important role as signaling molecule to promote cell proliferation, whereas a severe increase of ROS causes cell damage. Previous studies have shown that low levels of ROS stimulate cell growth through PS drugs-treating PDT and non-thermal plasma treatment. However, these methods have side effects which are associated with low tissue selectivity and remaining of PS residues. To overcome such shortcomings, we designed hematoporphyrin-incorporated polyurethane (PU) film induced generation of extracellular ROS with singlet oxygen and free radicals. The film can easily control ROS production rate by regulating several parameters including light dose, PS dose. Also, its use facilitates targeted delivery of ROS to the specific lesion. Our study demonstrated that extracellular ROS could induce the formation of intracellular ROS. In vascular endothelial cells, a moderated increase in intracellular ROS also stimulated cell proliferation and cell cycle progression by accurate control of optimum levels of ROS with hematoporphyrin-incorporated polymer films. This modulation of cellular growth is expected to be an effective strategy for the design of next generation PDT.
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