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 A Study on Signal Analysis of the Data Aquisition System for Photosensor 
 I. H. Hwang  ;  S. K. Yoo 
 Journal of Rehabilitation Welfare Engineering & Assistive Technology (재활복지공학회논문지), Vol.10(3) : 237-242, 2016 
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Journal of Rehabilitation Welfare Engineering & Assistive Technology(재활복지공학회논문지)
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Signal Analysis ; Photo detector ; Switched integrator ; ADC ; SNR
The major advantage of slip-ring technology in Spiral CT is that it facilitates continuous rotation of the x-ray tube, so that volume data can be acquired from a patient quickly. Not only for such a fast scan, but also for the dose reduction purpose, high signal-to-noise ratio and fast data acquisition system is required. In this study, we have built a multi-channel photodetector and multi-channel data acquisition system for CT application. The detector module consisted of CdWO4 crystal and Si photodiode in 16 channels. For the performance test of the preamplifier stage, both the transimpedance and switched integrator types are optimized for the photodetector modules. Switched integrator showed better noise performance in the limited bandwidth which is suitable for the current CT application. The control sequence for data acquisition and 20 bit ADC is designed with VHDL(Very High Speed Integrated Circuit Hardware Description Language) and implemented on FPGA(Field Programmable Gate Array) chip. Our Si photodiode detector module coupled to CdWO4 crystal showed comparable signal with other commercially available photodiode for CT. Switched integrator type showed higher SNR but narrower bandwidth compared to transimpedance preamplifier. Digital hardware is designed by FPGA, so that the control signal could be redesigned without hardware alteration.
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