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치조골 열개를 동반한 구순열 환자에서 상악 측절치 위치 변이

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 Variations in position of the maxillary lateral incisor in cleft alveolus 
 정주령  ;  최윤정 
 Korean Journal of Cleft Lip and Palate, Vol.19(1) : 11-17, 2016 
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Korean Journal of Cleft Lip and Palate(대한구순구개열학회지)
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Cleft ; lateral incisor ; alveolar bone graf
Alveolar bone graft allows a tooth adjacent to cleft alveolus to erupt. When the cleft is located distal to the lateral incisor, bone graft is performed for the canine; while it is necessary for the lateral incisor if the cleft is located mesial to the lateral incisor. This study was performed to investigate position of the maxillary lateral incisor to the cleft and to decide appropriate timing for alveolar bone graft. Position of the maxillary lateral incisor was evaluated for 139 patients who had been diagnosed as cleft alveolus. Congenital missing of the maxillary lateral incisor was noted 40% (n = 55); distal position to the cleft, 46% (n = 64); mesial, 9% (n = 13); mesial and distal, 5% (n = 7). The maxillary lateral incisor was most commonly found distal to the cleft, which indicates the alveolar bone graft needs to be performed for eruption of the lateral incisor.
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