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Change in Image Quality According to the 3D Locations of a CBCT Phantom.

 Jae Joon Hwang  ;  Hyok Park  ;  Ho-Gul Jeong  ;  Sang-Sun Han 
 PLOS ONE, Vol.11(4) : e0153884, 2016 
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Cone-Beam Computed Tomography/methods* ; Humans ; Image Processing, Computer-Assisted/methods ; Japan ; Phantoms, Imaging ; Republic of Korea ; Signal-To-Noise Ratio
A patient's position changes in every CBCT scan despite patient alignment protocols. However, there have been studies to determine image quality differences when an object is located at the center of the field of view (FOV). To evaluate changes in the image quality of the CBCT scan according to different object positions, the image quality indexes of the Alphard 3030 (Alphard Roentgen Ind., Ltd., Kyoto, Japan) and the Rayscan Symphony (RAY Ind., Ltd., Suwon, Korea) were measured using the Quart DVT_AP phantom at the center of the FOV and 6 peripheral positions under four types of exposure conditions. Anterior, posterior, right, left, upper, and lower positions 1 cm offset from the center of the FOV were used for the peripheral positions. We evaluated and compared the voxel size, homogeneity, contrast to noise ratio (CNR), and the 10% point of the modulation transfer function (MTF10%) of the center and periphery. Because the voxel size, which is determined by the Nyquist frequency, was within tolerance, other image quality indexes were not influenced by the voxel size. For the CNR, homogeneity, and MTF10%, there were peripheral positions which showed considerable differences with statistical significance. The average difference between the center and periphery was up to 31.27% (CNR), 70.49% (homogeneity), and 13.64% (MTF10%). Homogeneity was under tolerance at some of the peripheral locations. Because the CNR, homogeneity, and MTF10% were significantly affected by positional changes of the phantom, an object's position can influence the interpretation of follow up CBCT images. Therefore, efforts to locate the object in the same position are important.
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