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척추 황색 인대 세포에서 Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 cDNA 전달에 의한 골형성 유도 : 조직 공학적 접근의 가능성

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 Osteogenesis by Transfer of Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 cDNA in Ligamentum Flavum Cells : Approach Toward Tissue Engineering 
 문성환  ;  김향  ;  권언혜  ;  원정훈  ;  김학선  ;  한수봉  ;  이환모 
 Journal of Korean Society of Spine Surgery (대한척추외과학회지), Vol.9(4) : 263-269, 2002 
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 Journal of Korean Society of Spine Surgery (대한척추외과학회지) 
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BMP-2 ; adenovirus ; osteogenesis ; Tissue engineering
Study Design In-vitro experiment. Objectives To determine the effect of bone morphogenetic protein-2 in the osteogenesis of human ligamentum flavum cells and test the feasibility of gene transfer to these cells. Summary of literature review Bone morphogenetic protein-2 (BMP-2) is known to be an important factor in the differentiation and maintenance of the osteoblastic phenotype. Tissue engineering for osteogenesis in ligamentum flavum by BMP-2 and gene transfer has not been previously studied. Materials and Methods Ligmentum flavum cells were harvested and cultured from surgical patients with spinal stenosis. BMP-2 was produced by transfecting pcDNA3.1/Hygro/BMP-2 into CHO cells using Lipofectamine 2000. Adenovirus-lacZ (Ad/lacZ) was also produced, and administered with BMP-2 to cell culture. The expression of lacZ was analyzed by X-gal staining. Bone formation was assessed by alkaline phosphatase, von Kossa, and alizarin Red-S staining, and the expression of osteocalcin was determined immunocytochemically. Results Ligamentum flavum cell cultures with Ad/lacZ showed marker gene expression. BMP-2 induced osteogenesis in ligamentum flavum cells as evidenced by alkaline phosphatase, von Kosa, and alizarin Red-S staining. Also, cell culture with BMP-2 showed strong positivity with osteocalcin by immunocytochemistry. Conclusion BMP-2 more strongly induced the osteogenesis of ligamentum flavum, and also its gene transfer to ligamentum flavum was found to be feasible. These results may open a new era of ligamentum flavum tissue engineering.
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