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정상 성인에서 Galvanic 자극에 의한 유발 안진

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 Galvanic nystagmus in normal person 
 정운교  ;  이주형  ;  김수찬  ;  남기창  ;  김덕원  ;  이원상 
 Journal of the Korean Balance Society (대한평형의학회지), Vol.1(1) : 108-112, 2002 
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Journal of the Korean Balance Society(대한평형의학회지)
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Galvanic nystagmus ; videonystagmography
Background and objectives: Vestibulo-ocular reflex and vestibulo-spinal reflex are induced by transmatoid galvanic stimulation of vestibular system. Nystagmus and body sway are result of each reflex. Recently, videooculograph possible to record a minute ocular movement was commonly used, vestibulo-ocular reflex induced by galvanic simulation is easily documented. The purposes of this study are to evaluate the galvanic nystagmus in normal persons in order to better understand the physiology of the vestibular system.

Materials and methods: Eye movement of 20 neurootologic normal subjects by both side tranmstoid galvanic stimulation (40cases) were analyzing by videonystagmography.

Results: The direction of nystagmus in fast phase was to the negative electrode. Galvanic nystagmus was occurred all normal subjects when stimulus intensity was more than 2㎃. There was positive correlation between slow phase velocity(SPV) and electric current but negative correlation was noted between asymmery of SPV and electric current.

Conclusions: It is suggested that the galvanic nystagmus test could be a new diagnostic tool for evaluation of vestibular status.
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