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 Attitudes toward, and Practice of Hand Washing by Student Nurses in Clinical Practice 
 고일선  ;  강규숙  ;  송인자  ;  박진희  ;  육신영 
 Journal of Korean Academy of Fundamentals of Nursing (기본간호학회지), Vol.9(2) : 165-179, 2002 
Journal Title
 Journal of Korean Academy of Fundamentals of Nursing (기본간호학회지) 
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Hand washing ; Nursing student ; Clinical practice ; Performance ; Attitude
Purpose: This descriptive study was done to evaluate the attitude and practice of hand-washing by student nurses. Method: The subjects of the study were 463 senior and junior undergraduate student nurses and RN-BSN students. The questionnaire was developed by the researchers Data were collected from Oct. 16 to Dec. 20. 2001. and analysed by SPSS/WIN. General characteristics. attitude and practice were analyzed by frequency and percentage and differences in attitude and practice according to grade and practice setting were analyzed with x2 test, t-test or ANOVA. Result: 1) The mean frequency of hand-washing was 6.63. Senior students washed more frequently than junior students. 2) The reasons for non-compliance were 'not being accustomed', 'forgetting', and 'not accessible'. 3) The mean time for hand-washing was 23.79 sec., less than the stated appropriate time of 42 18 sec. 4) 90% of the students washed their hands 'after contacting excretions and contaminated items' and few washed 'before giving care to the client'. 5) Most students washed hands rotationally rubbing with soap and water. 6) While washing, they removed their rings more often than their watches. 7) Soap bar (52.8%) and paper towel (69.6%) were most frequently used as decontaminating agent and drying method, but detergent solution (74.2%) and paper towels (60%) were considered as the most appropriate agent and method. 8) Hand-washing was perceived important generally 'to protect from cross-infection'. 'to protect one-self' and 'the most cost effective'. 9) All students responded nurses should practice 'hand-washing.'
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