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정상 교합자와 adenoid가 과식증된 부정교합자의 악골 형태의 비교

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 A comparison study of the effects of hypertrophied adenoid tissue on jaws morphology 
 유형석  ;  박선형 
 KOREAN JOURNAL OF ORTHODONTICS, Vol.31(1) : 19-31, 2002 
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아데노이도 ; CVMI(Cevlcal Vertebrae Maturation Index) ; 약골 형태
To investigate the association between the hypertrophy of adenoid and jaw morphology during growth, this paper was based on children patients with experimental adenoids (male-15 subjects at each bone age group, female-15 subjects at each bone group) and comparing them to data taken from a control group (male-15 subjects at each bone age group, female-15 subjects at each bone group) with normal respiratory function. The comparisons between the groups were done at each growth stage using cervical vertebrae maturation index(CVMI) of Hassel. The obtained results were as follows : 1. The differences in craniofacial morphology between experimental group and control group were appeared from CVMI 3 and CVMI 4 (aroud adolescent period) in males, and from CVMI 1 in females. 2. The mandibular position of experimental group was more inferior than control group. The difference appeared at adolescent period(male : at CVMI 4, female : at CVMI 5). 3. Experimental group had greater anterior facial height than control group. This difference seemed a relation with lower anterior facial height. The difference appears at CVMI 3(11.94 ± 1.38 years old, at adolescent period) in male and at CVMI 1 in female. 4. The adenoid size of control male group was increased until CVMI 2(10.58 ± 1.07 years old, just before adolescent growth peak) and then decreased, but in female the adenoid size was decreased from CVMI 1(6.92 ± 0.53 years old).
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