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규칙적인 수영훈련이 마우스 비장세포의 ROS 생성과 림프구 증식에 미치는 영향

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 The Effects of Swimming Training on Lymphocyte Proliferation and ROS Production in Spleen Lymphocytes of BALB/c Mice 
 곽이섭  ;  박전한  ;  김세종  ;  장윤수  ;  이봉기 
 IMMUNE NETWORK, Vol.2(2) : 96-101, 2002 
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Swimming training ; lymphocyte proliferation ; ROS
Background: Aerobic training can be defined as any physical exercise that increases the heart rate and enhances the body´s intake of oxygen long enough to benefit the condition of body. Running, cycling, and swimming are examples of aerobic activities. This type of exercise optimises immune functions. Recently several experimental findings suggested that the regular swimming training increase immune response, but there have been very few reports which compare warm water exercise with cold water exercise in spleen lymphocytes.
Methods: This study was designed to examine the effects of regular swimming training on Index, the number of lymphocytes, proliferative activity and production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) by splenocytes in BALB/c mice. Thirty six mice (6 week old) were performed 10 weeks of regular swimming training and they were divided into 6 groups according to the regular swimming training (CRG: control resting group, CEG: control exercise group, WRG: warm water trained resting group, WEG: warm water trained exercise group, CORG: cold water trained resting group, COEG: cold water exercise group). Analytical items were weight change, spleen index, the number of lymphocytes, proliferative activity and production of ROS. All data were expressed as mean and standard deviation by using SPSS package program (ver. 10.0).
Results: The swimming training significantly decreased body weight, and increased spleen index, the number of lymphocytes and proliferative activity in the presence or absence of Con A and LPS added conditions. For the WRG and CORG, the quantity of ROS from splenocytes was higher than CRG, whereas, ROS by spleen lymphocytes was lower following 90 min acute exercise stress.
Conclusion: These results suggested that the swimming training not only increases the number of lymphocytes but also increases proliferative activity by splenocytes in vitro.
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