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The flexural properties of fiber-reinforced composite with light-ploymerized polymer matrix.

 Ji-Myung Bae ; Kyoung-Nam Kim ; Yutaka Oda ; Eiji Kawada ; Masao Yoshinari ; Koji Hasegawa ; Masayuki Hattori 
 International Journal of Prosthodontics, Vol.14(1) : 33~39, 2001 
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 International Journal of Prosthodontics 
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Purpose: The aim of this study was to measure the flexural strength and the elastic modulus of composite resin with and without reinforcing fibers and to evaluate the reinforcing effect of various fibers. Materials and Methods:A polyethylene fiber (Ribbond), a polyaramid fiber (Fibreflex), and three glass fibers (FibreKor, GlasSpan, Vectris) were used to reinforce composite resins. The flexural strength and elastic modulus of specimens in the three-point bending mode were measured using a universal testing machine at a cross-head speed of 1 mm/min after storage in water at 37°C for 24 hours. All tests were carried out in a water bath at 37°C. The data were analyzed using analysis of variance and the Sheffé test at P = 0.05. After testing, the fractured surface was evaluated using a scanning electron microscope at 50, 500, and 3,000 magnifications. Results: Yield flexural strengths of nonreinforced resins were 48 to 56 MPa, and those of reinforced resins were 56 to 134 MPa. Ultimate flexural strengths of nonreinforced specimens were 96 to 119 MPa, and those of reinforced ones were 203 to 386 MPa. Elastic modulus of nonreinforced resin was 6 to 9 GPa, and fiber reinforcing increased the value to 9 to 15 GPa, while it had no effect in Ribbond. Conclusion: Most of the fibers used in this study increased both yield and ultimate flexural strengths of composite resins, with the exception of the yield strength of Vectris. GlasSpan, Fibreflex, and FibreKor were effective in reinforcing elastic modulus, while Ribbond had no effect on it. Unidirectional glass fibers and polyaramid fiber were effective in reinforcing both flexural strength and elastic modulus of composite resin
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