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남북한 간호학용어의 비교분석

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 Comparison of Nursing Terminology between South and North Korea 
 김인숙 ; 이희정 ; 장윤경 ; 강경화 ; 고일선 
 Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences (인문사회과학연구), Vol.48 : 93~100, 2015 
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 Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences  (인문사회과학연구) 
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Over the past 50 years, there have been no cultural exchanges involving South and North Korean nursing professionals. This study was conducted to improve intercultural understanding and receptivity for global citizenship in nursing. This study was also performed to identify similarities and differences in terminology in nursing textbooks in use in the two countries. Nursing terminology found in three representative textbooks of basic and clinical nursing from those countries was analyzed in terms of origins of the words and meanings. The nursing terminology in use in those countries is distinguished by the use of six characteristics: ‘Pure-Korean,’ ‘Sino-Korean,’ ‘loanword,’ ‘terminologies that have differences in orthography,’ ‘terminologies that show differences between Pyeongyang and Seoul language,’ and ‘terminologies that show different meanings between the two countries.’ Pure-Korean and Sino-Korean terminologies displayed similarities between South and North Korean nursing textbooks. However, many of the terms in North Korean nursing textbooks are loanwords from Russia and others were difficult to understand or are used differently from how they are used in South Korean nursing textbooks. In view of the mix of similarities and differences in terms of nursing terminology between South and North Korea, it is recommended that the nursing curricula in those two countries should be analyzed and compared for improving global citizenship in nursing.
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