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구순구개열 환자에서 치근첨하 매복전위치의 교정을 위한 치료역학

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 Orthodontic Repositioning of Subapically Transposed Tooth in a CLP Patient 
 구윤진  ;  시경근  ;  유형석  ;  이기준 
 Korean Journal of Cleft Lip and Palate, Vol.17(1,2) : 27-37, 2014 
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Korean Journal of Cleft Lip and Palate(대한구순구개열학회지)
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Subapical impaction ; Transposition ; 3-dimensional diagnosis ; Centers of resistance
Eruption disturbances such as an impaction complicate orthodontic treatment because soft-tissue and hard-tissue considerations must be taken into account. Treatment is further complicated when such eruption disturbances occur in a growing patient. Extraction of impacted teeth can be an option that carries the weight of additional prostheses and bony defects, whereas exposure or luxation followed by orthodontic traction can preserve the patient's teeth and bony structure with improved esthetics. Therefore, an accurate diagnosis is needed in establishing an efficient and effective force system to achieve the desired tooth movements with few unwanted sequelae. This case report describes the process of differential diagnosis with the aid of 3-dimensional imaging in constructing a force-driven system, using the centers of resistance as reference points, to successfully bring a pair of impacted maxillary canines into alignment in an adolescent boy.
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