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경남일부지역의 난관불임술을 받은 부인들의 특성에 관한 연구 : 적용된 수술방법을 중심으로

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 Characteristics of women receiving minilaparatomy and laparascopy in Kyung Nam area 
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우리나라가 가족계획사업을 정부시책으로 채택한지 15여년이 지났다. 이러한 시책의 하

나로 영구피임에 중점을 두고 있으며 그중 1976년 이후부터 난관불임술은 전액 정부의 재

정지원으로 이루어지고 있다.

이들 난관수술중 미니�N 난관수술과 복강경을 통한 난관수술을 받은 부인 480명을 경남

일부지역에서 선택하여 이들의 사회인구학적인 특성, 두수술방법에 수반되는 제반 특성중

수술후 부작용, 수술부위 통증, 권장가능성 여부 및 수술외 비용 등에 관해서 질문서를

통한 면접 조사를 하였다. 특히 두수술을 받은 부인간에 어떠한 특성의 차이가 있는지를

알아보기 위하여 통계학적인 검정을하였다. 조사 결과는 다음과 같다.

1) 모든 연령, 교육정도, 임신회수 공히 수술의 부작용과 수술부위 통증은 복강경수술

에서 미니�N 수술보다 적었으며 통계학적으로 매우 유의한 차이가 있었다.

2) 복강경수술을 받은 부인들은 미니�N 수술을 받은 부인들에 비해 난관수술을 더 권장

하겠다고 대답했으나 통계학적으로 유의한 차이는 없었다.

3) 수술외 비용은 복강경수술이 미니�N 수술보다 적게 들었으나 30-34세 연령군, 임신

회수 6회이상, 인공유산회수 2회 이상의 경우에만 통계학적으로 유의한 차이를 보여 주었



This study is an analysis of difference in the eharacteristics which describes

the women who accepted one of the two difference methods of tubal ligation,

minilaparatomy or laparascopy, for their sterilization during the twelve-month

period from January, 1976 to February, 1977.

Statistical information about the acceptors of tubal ligation were eollected from

480 women living in Koje-Gun, Yangsan-Gun, and Masan city, Kyung Nam Province,


In this study various side effects after having the operation pain on the

operation side, acceptorls attitude toward her recommendation of the mothods to

other eligible women and expenses for having operation other than the operation fee

were selected as the dependent variables from the statistical information were

collected by trained interviewer in the study area.

And the other variables that explain the dependent variables were the acceptor's

socio-economic, demographic and family planning program variables of the accepters.

In the process of analysis, statistical significance tests such as chi-square

test and t-test were applied to the statistics concerned.

The major findings from this analysis were as followe ;

1) The proportion of the women who experienced any side effect after accepting

laparascopic method was smaller than that of those who accepted minilaparatomic

method. The difference in the propertions by the two types of operation showed

consistent in the pattern through various characteristics of the women regardless

age group, educational levels, number of pregnancies, and number of induced

abortions, and theae differences were found significant statistically (P<0.005).

2) The proportion of recommending tubal ligation from acceptors of laparascopic

method wsa little bit higher than those who accepted minilaparatomic method in the

recommendation of tubal ligation to others.

However, the differences in the proportion of recommendation did not revealed any

statistical significance (p<0.05).

3) Total amount of all the expenses excluding only operation fee for having tubal

ligation, the amount for laparascopic method was smaller than the amount paid for

minilaparatomic method. This difference in the expense was, especially, significant

only in the age group 30-40, in the group of the women who conceived 6 times or

more, and in the group of experienced induced abortione at least twice or more,

respectively (p<0.005).
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