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Single-channel stereoscopic imaging system using rotating deflector

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Dept. of Biomedical Engineering/석사
In a conventional dual-channel stereoscopic imaging system (SIS), two cameras are often used to take images at different visual orientations, creating a three-dimensional (3D) image. Because two cameras are used, visual fatigue may be caused by differences between the cameras involving temporal synchronization, geometrical calibration, and color balance. Furthermore, owing to its mechanical composition, the imaging system is generally bulky.To eliminate the possible limitations of current conventional dual-camera SISs, research was conducted to develop a 3D SIS using a single camera. Its purpose is to create image disparity (ID), a key factor in producing stereoscopic images. Using a transparent rotating deflector (TRD), ID was mimicked assuming that light refraction through the TRD would create the necessary ID.First, the system’s efficacy was tested using a thorough simulation and experiment based on Snell’s law. Light propagation through the TRD was modeled using ZEMAX. The ID was calculated for various TRD refractive indices and thicknesses. On the basis of the simulation and calculation, a TRD-based SIS (TRD-SIS) was developed using manual rotation of the TRD. Second, a real-time TRD-SIS was set up to allow real-time stereoscopic imaging and display. A complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) camera was used along with a stepping motor controlled by a microcontroller unit. The acquiredimages were visualized in 3D using an active 3D method. Finally, the system was evaluated in terms of two factors: (1) temperature generation and (2) the image characteristics. The temperature changes in the optical components were measured at the motor surface and motor driver. The image characteristics were evaluated by calculating the coefficient of variation of acquired images of a white reflectance target. In addition, a method of controlling heat generation using a heat sink and motor fan was devised.
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