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Bioreducible crosslinked polyelectrolyte complexes for MMP-2 siRNA delivery into human vascular smooth muscle cells

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 인간 혈관 평활근 세포로의 생분해성 가교제를 사용한 MMP-2 siRNA 복합체의 전달 
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Dept. of Science for Aging/석사
Purpose: Bioreducible crosslinked polyplexes were prepared via disulfide bond formation after siRNA condensation with polyethylenimine-modified by deoxycholic acid (PEI-DA) to stabilize polyplex structure in an extracellular environment and to promote transfection efficiency in human smooth muscle cells (hSMCs).Methods: The PEI-DA/siRNA polyplexes were further modified by crosslinking the primary amines of PEI with thiol-cleavable crosslinkers. The effect of disulfide crosslinked PEI-DA/siRNA (Cr PEI-DA/siRNA) polyplexes on target gene silencing was investigated by transfecting hSMCs with matrix metalloproteinase-2 (MMP-2) siRNA under serum conditions. The MMP-2 levels in the conditioned medium were examined using gelatin zymography.Results: The Cr PEI-DA/siRNA polyplexes showed increased stability against heparin exchange reactions, while their disulfide linkages were successfully cleaved under reducing conditions. The polyplex crosslinking reaction led to a slight decrease in MMP-2 gene silencing activity in hSMCs due to the insufficient redox potential. However, the gene silencing efficiency of the Cr PEI-DA/siRNA polypexes was gradually improved in response to increasing intracellular reduction potential. The increased serum stability of the Cr PEI-DA/siRNA polyplexes resulted in significant enhancement of the intracellular delivery efficiency especially under serum conditions.Conclusions: The Cr PEI-DA/siRNA polyplex formulation may be a promising siRNA delivery system for the treatment of incurable genetic disorders.
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