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비타민C 및 비타민A가 hamster협낭점막의 9, 10-dimethyl-1, 2-benzanthracene(DMBA)유도 구강암에 미치는 영향에 관한 실험적 연구

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저자는 생후 2∼3개월 체중 100g내외의 Golden Syrian Hamster (Cricetus auratus) 96

마리를 정상군 및 대조 Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ군 각 6마리, 실험 Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ군 공히 24마리씩 구분하

여, 대조군은 heavy mineral oil을,실험군은 0.5% DMBA용액을 협낭점막에 주 3회 도포하

고, 동시에 대조 Ⅰ군 및 실험 Ⅰ군은 특별한 처치없이, 대조Ⅱ군 및 실험 Ⅱ군은 비타민

C를, 대조Ⅲ군 및 실험 Ⅲ군은 비타민A를 투여하였으며, 각 군별로, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14및

16주째 희생시켜, 점막조직과 암조직을 적출하고 통법에 따라 광학현미경, 전자현미경 및

전기영동검사를 위한 표본과 단백질 시료를 제작하여 비교 관찰하고 다음과 같은 결론을


1. 실험Ⅰ군은 6주에 과각화증과 이형성, 8주에 상피증식, 10주에 유두종, 14주에 상피

내암, 15주에 상피내암과 침윤성 상피암이 관찰되었다.

2. 실험Ⅱ군은 8주에 과각화증과 상피증식이 있고 10주 부터 이형성과 유두종이 관찰되

었으나, 상피내암과 침윤성 상피암의 소견은 없었다.

3. 실험Ⅲ군은 6주에 과각화증, 8, 주에 이형성과 상피증식, 14주에 유두종과 상피내암

이 관찰되었다.

4. 전자현미경 소견상 실험 각군 공히 암발생에 따라, 핵은 불규칙해지며, 장원섬유의

감소, 세포간격 및 세포질돌기 확장, 기저막 파괴의 소견을 보이나, 실험 Ⅱ군 16주는 타

군에 비해 기저막 파괴가 현저하게 미약하고, 실험Ⅲ군 8, 10주는 타군에 비해 세포간격

확장과 장원섬유 감소가 미약하였다.

5. 전기영동검사 결과, 실험 각군 공히 암발생에 따라, 93K, 50.5K, 39.4K, 35.3K의 수

용성 단백질 감소와 46K 표면단백질 증가가 있었다.

6. 전기영동검사 결과, 실험Ⅰ군과 달리, 발암이 지연된 실험 Ⅱ, Ⅲ군에서 46K 수용성

단백질 소실 및 61.2K 표면 단백질 증가와 57.8K표면 단백질 감소가 있었다.

이상의 결과를 종합하면, 비타민C는 기저막과 교원질 합성에 의한, 비타민A는 세포간격

유지와 세포증식 억제에 의한 발암억제 효과가 있으며, 발암에 따른 종양특이단백질 및

발암억제에 대한 단백질 변화가 관찰되어, 소실되거나, 감소 혹은 증가하는 각 단백질에

대한 발암 및 발암억제 효과에 대해 추후 연구가 더 진행되어야 할 것으로 사료된다.



Il Kyu Kim

Department of Dental Science, Graduate School, Yonsei University

(Directed by Prof. Jung Ho Yoon, D.D.S., Ph.D.)

This study was undertaken to observe the inhibitory effects of vitamin C and A of

the oral tumors of hamster buccal pouch induced by


96 of Golden syrian hamsters, weiglling about 100 grams, were used far this

experimental study and divided into normal (6), control (18), and experimental (72)


Only heavy mineral oil was painted on right buccal pouch of control group (18).

One part of experimental group (24) was applied 0.5% DMBA in heavy mineral oil

mainly and the other experimental groups (24, 24) were applied vitamin C & A plus

0.5% DMBA in heavy mineral oil respectively. All animals were sacrified on the 6th,

8th, 10th, 12th, 14th, and 16th week serially. The buccal pouch tissues were

excised, examined grossly, lightmicroscopically, and exectromicroscopically.

SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis was also performed in order to analyse

tumorspecific protein changes in this experimental study.

Following results were obtained from this study:

1. In experimental Group Ⅰ, hyperkeratosis and dysplasia in the 6th week,

acanthosis in th 8th week, papilloma in the 10th week, carcinoma in situ in 14th

week, and carcinoma in situ or invasive carcinoma in the 15th week were observed


2. In experimental Group Ⅱ, hyperkeratosis and acanthosis in the 8ih week, and

dysplasis and papilloma were observed from the 1Oth week, but carcinoma in situ and

invasive carcinoma were not able to observed during the experimental period.

3. In experimental Group Ⅲ, hyperkeratosis in the 6th week. dysplasia and

acanthosis in the 8th, week, and papilloma and carcinoma in situ in 14th week were

observed microscopically.

4. Electromicroscopically, irregular nucleoli, enlargement of intercellular

space, extension of cytoplasmic process and breakage of basement membrane were

observed during the carcinogenesis. But minimal breakage of basement membrane in

16th week of experimental Group Ⅱ and minimal enlargement of intercellular space

and decrease of tonofilaments in the 8th and 1Oth week of experimental Group Ⅲ

were observed.

5. In the result of electrophoresis, decrease of 93K, 50.5K, 39.4K, and 35.3K

soluble protein and increase of 46K surface protein were observed in all

experimental group.

6. In the result of electrophoresis, loss of 46K soluble protein, increase of

61.2K, and decrease of 57.8K surface protein were observed in experimental Group Ⅲ

and Ⅲ but not in experimental Group Ⅰ.

From this study, author suggests that there was a tendency of tumor-inhibitory

effects of vitamin C and A due to synthesis of collagen and basement membrane,

maintenance of intercellular space and inhibition of cellular proliferation, and

changes of tumor-specific and tumor-inhibitory polypeptides were presented on

experimental carcinogenesis of buccal pouch.

Author should like to give an advice on the purification and biologic effects of

tenor-specific and tuner-inhibitory polypeptides made on further study.
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