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국민학교 아동의 peak expiratory flow rate 예측치에 관한 연구

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 A Study on Predicted Values of Peak Expiratiry Flow Rates (PEFR) in Primary School Children 
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[영문] [한글] 여러가지 폐기능검사 중 최고호기유속( Peak Expiratory Flow Rate :PEFR)은 Wright의 peak flow meter를 사용해서 측정할 경우 기구가 간단하고 측정방법이 용이하며 전원도 필요가 없기 때문에 현재 널리 사용되고 있다. 이는 천식이나 기타 호흡기 질환의 심한 정도를 알아내고 투약효과를 판단하는데는 물론 식품이나 약물, 운동 또는 각종 항원에 의한 유발시험을 실시하는 데도 흔히 사용되고 있다. 그러나 우리나라에는 아직 PEFR의 정상예측치가 없어 구미 또는 일본의 측정치를 사용하고 있는 실정임으로 우리나라 아동 을 대상으로 한 실측치가 필요하여 본 연구를 실시하였다. 조사대상온 서울지역에 있는 1개 국민학교 아동들 중 각 학년에서 무작위로 2개 학급씩 을 선택한 12개 학급의 정상아동 580명(남아 302명, 여아 278명)을 대상으로 하였으며 Wr ight의 peak flow meter를 사용하여 PEFR을 측정한 뒤 이를 통계 처리하여 다음과 같은 결론을 얻었다. 남녀별로 연령, 신장, 체중 및 체표면적에 따라 산출한 PEFR (Y)의 단순회귀방정 식과 상관계수는 다음과 같다. 1. 연령( year ) 남 : Y: 33.56 ×연령 - 33.68 r: 0.79 여 : Y= 36.17 ×연령 - 69.19 r:0.84 2. 신장(cm) 남 : Y: 6.73 ×신장- 592.84 r:0.85 여: Y=5.78×신장-479.00 r:0.84 3. 체중(kg) 남: Y=10.03×체중+9.08 r: 0.77 여 : Y=9.05×체중+24.93 r: 0.82 4. 체표면적(cm**2) 남 : Y=444.12×체표면적-151.26 r:0.80 여 : Y=385.71×체표면적-104.71 r: 0.84 A Study on Predicted Values of Peak Expiratory Flow Rate(PEFR) in Prtmary School Children Soon Wook Lim Department of Medical Science The Graduate School, Yonsel University (Directed by Professor Ki Young Lee, M.D. ) Wright's peak flow meter, which was designed as a simple and reliable device for measuring the peak expiratory flow rate (PEER) is now used worldwide as a measurement of ventilatory capacity. PEFR is an especially useful parameter in the management of childhood asthma and other obstructive pulmonary diseases. It has been used in inhalation bronchial challenge tests to identify offending allergens such as foods, drugs, or physical exorcise. However, predicted values of PEFR for primary school children In Korea for the use of pulmonary function test have not previously been established, and the purpose of this study has been to obtain the predicted values for primary school children. Five hundred eighty normal healthy children(2 classes per grade in random sampling) in one primary school in Seoul were included in this study after careful history laking and physical examination had revealed no evidence of past or present significant respiratory disease. The Wright peak flow meter was used throughout the study. For each determination of PEFR, the children were instructed to make a maximal inspiratory effort and then to make the most rapid expiratory effort possible. In all cases, at least 3 measurements were made, and the highest value was taken as the PEFR for that child. We calculated the linear regression equations and correlation coefficients according to sex, age, height, weight and body surface area with a CYBER-BMDP computer. The results as illustrated in a linear regression equation of PEFR(Y) and correlation coefficient (r) of each parameter were as follows: 1. Age(year) Male: Y=33.56 × age - 33.68 r: .79 female: Y=36.17 × age - 69.19 r: .84 2. Height(cm) Mal : Y=6.73 × height - 592.84 r: .85 Female: Y = 5.78 × height - 479.00 r: .84 3. Weight (kg) Male : Y = 10.03 × weight + 9.08 r: .77 Female: Y = 9.05 × weight +24.93 r: .82 4. Body surface area(m**2) Male : Y = 444.12 × body surface area - 151.26 r: .80 FemaLe: Y = 385.71 × body surface area - 104.71 r: .84
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