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지속적인 자극이 각질세포에 미치는 영향에 대한 연구

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 An Experimental Study on the Corneocytes During Chronic Irritation 
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[영문] [한글] 수분소실과 화학적 및 물리적 손상에 대한 장벽의 역할을 하는 피부각진층은 정상상태 에서는 표피세포의 재생과 같은 비율로 탈락을 하지만, 인위적으로 박리하거나 표피의 교 체율 (epidermal turnover rate)이 증가된 상태에서는 그 탈락의 정도가 증가하는 것으로 알려져있다. 본 교실에서는 계속적인 자극이 각질층에 미치는 영향을 관찰하고자 항상 솔과 비누에 의한 자극에 노출된 간호원의 우측 전박부를 대상으로 McGinley등 (1979) 의 detergent s crub technique 법을 사용하여, 매일 scrubbing하는 도중인 실험 제1, 3, 5일에 각질층표 본을 채취한 다음, 각질세포의 수, 형태, 크기의 변화를 관찰하고 2일간 자극을 중지한 후인 제8일에 다시 관찰하여, 특별히 계속적인 자극을 받지 않는 대조군과 비교하였다. 실험결과 1. 대조군의 각질세포 수는 64,493∼ 69,333/cm**2 였으며 각질세포의 표면적은 891.8 ∼ 919.0 μ**2으로 모두 실험 날짜에 따른 의의 있는 변화는 없었다. 2. 매일 scrubbing을 하는 간호원에서의 각질세포 수는 실험 제1일에 123,280/cm**2로 대조군에 비해 2배 가량 증가되었으며, 실험 제3, 5일에는 대조군과 비슷한 수를 보였고 2일간 scrubbing을 중지한 후인 제8일에는 다시 142,583/cm**2 증가되었다. 각질세포와 표면적은 760.2∼ 816.5 μ**2로 대조군에 비해 약 15% 감소되어 있었다. 3. 각질세포의 형태학적 분류상차이를 보이지 않았다. An Experimental Study on the Corneocytes During Chronic Irritation Jin Soo Kang Department of Medical Science, The Graduate School, Yonsei University (Directed by Professor Sungnack Lee, M.D .) The important functions of the stratum corneum are the body's major harrier to water less and to chemical and physical injuries. The nurses who worked in the operating roots had irritation to their hands and arms from scrubbing with brush and soap .The purpose of this experiment was to investigate the effect on the number, size and morphology of human corneocytes were subjected to chronic irritation . The experimental subjects were scrub nurses who have worked in the operating room for more than 3 years and ward nurses were used as control group. The squamation portion of the stratum corneum was sampled with detergent scrub technique using Triton X-100**(R) The results were summerized as fellows : 1. The ranges of mean cell number and surface in control group were from 64,493 to 67,333/cm**2 and from 891.8 to 919.0 μ**2 which were no difference statistically through but the experiment. 2. On the first experimental day, the mean corneocyte number of experimental group were 123.280/cm**2 and these were about twice as many cells than those of control group. Two and four days later number was markedly decreased and became similar to that of the control group. However, the number on the last experimental day after two days of not scrubbing the skin, returned to what it had been on the first experimental day. The surface of the corneocytes was 15% spaller in the experimental group (760.2 to 816.5 μ**2) than those of the control group through out the experiment . 3. There was no significant difference between the twogroups as regards corneocyte morphology.
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