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Early healing processes in guided bone regeneration using cross-linked type-I collagen membrane at rabbit calvarial defect

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 토끼 두개골 결손부에서 가교화된 제 1형 콜라겐 차폐막의 초기 골형성 효과 
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Dept. of Dental science/석사
The aim of this study was to evaluate early healing processes in guided bone regeneration using a cross-linked type-I collagen membrane of 1-ethyl-3-(3- dimethyl aminopropyl) carbodiimide (EDC) at rabbit calvarial defects. Eight male New Zealand rabbits were used and four circular calvarial defects were created. Each of the four defects was filled with different graft materials: 1) control group, 2) membrane group 3) bone augmentation group, and 4) bone augmentation and membrane group. The animals were sacrificed following two and four weeks of healing periods. Between two healing periods, collagen membrane was resorbed 28.5% and maintained its original shape and marginal integrity. The collagen membrane group resulted in significantly better defect closure compared to control group (p<0.05). The augmented area was significantly higher in bone graft material applied groups (p<0.05). There was no statistical difference in new bone formation between all groups at all healing periods, but vascularization was seemed to be promoted and more new bone formation was observed in superficial layer in collagen membrane applied groups.
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