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Molecular MR imaging of CD44 expressed gastric cancer in mice using T2 and ultra short TE sequence

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 CD44가 과발현된 마우스 위암모델에서 T2와 UTE시퀀스를 이용한 자기공명 분자영상 
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Graduate Program for Nanomedical Science/석사
Novel diagnostic technique has been developed in many research area using targetable imaging contrast agents with MR sequence for cancer diagnosis. It is efficient for cancer diagnosis to use MR imaging both biocompatible targeting moiety and magnetic nanoparticle. Thus, we carried out that gastric cancer cell line which has stem like cancer cell property was injected in mouse model. Then, Both MR sequence (T2, UTE) for each imaging effects and targeting ability were analyzed into HA coated magnetic nanoparticle. We noted that MKN-45 cell which high-expressed CD44 ligand was showed contrast enhance efficiency through magnetic nanoparticle because of combining a lot of HA. MKN-28 cell (CD44 negative) which low-expressed CD44 ligand was showed less contrast enhance efficiency than MKN-45 cell. We find Ultra short TE sequence is better ability to distinguish tumor than now existing T2 sequence as imaging analysis for each. As a result, we suggest that HA coated magnetic nanoparticle is good probe for imaging of stem like cancer cell. Furthermore combination of T2 and UTE is good way as a tumor diagnostic
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