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Bone formation using freeze-dried rhBMP-2 coated macroporous biphasic calcium phosphate blocks in rat calvarial defects

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 백서의 두개부 결손부에서 macroporous biphasic calcium phosphate blocks 에 동결건조도포된 rhBMP-2 의 골형성능 
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Dept. of Dental Science/박사
The purpose of this study was to evaluate bone formation using macroporous biphasic calcium phosphate block (MBCP block) coated via either freeze-drying or adsorption with recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 (rhBMP-2). Calvarial defects (8mm in diameter) were treated with the following experimental conditions: MBCP block (0.13 g) alone (control), MBCP block coated with rhBMP-2 via adsorption (0.1 mg/ml), and MBCP block coated with rhBMP-2 via a freeze-drying procedure (0.1 mg/ml). The healing period was either 2 or 8 weeks. After a 2-week healing period, the new bone formation differed significantly between those treated with an MBCP block with a freeze-dried coating of rhBMP-2 and the control group. With further healing (i.e., 8 weeks), the distribution of newly formed bone increased in both the freeze-dried coating group and the adsorption group. The new bone area and bone density of all groups differed significantly between the 2- and 8- week healing period.The findings of the present study suggest that freeze-drying is a reliable method of incorporating rhBMP-2 onto MBCP blocks, for use in stable bone formation.
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