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Comparison of oral biofilm and effect of hand curettage on differently treated titanium surfaces

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 티타늄 표면처리가 세균막 형성에 미치는 영향과 소파술의 효과 
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Dept. of Dental Science/박사
IntroductionPeri-implantitis is one of complications with dental implant therapy leaving exposed implant fixture surface to oral environment. Many studies on the biofilm of the implant surface have shown effects of surface roughness and biofilm formation. Clinical studies have indicated contradicting results with biofilm and surface roughness. This study was carried out to see the biofilm formation after 14 hours in-vivo on titanium discs, which were treated as commercially available implant surfaces. The microorganisms on the surfaces were examined with SEM and the adhesion of both dead and vital cells were made using Live/Dead Baclight fluorescence staining kit. The surfaces were further examined after the discs were hand curetted using fluorescence staining.ResultStatistical examination revealed that the adhesion area between different surfaces were statistically significant in vital, dead and total cell areas. With blasted and etched (BA) surfaces having significantly more cell adhesions than the Machined surface. There was no statistical difference between curetted and non-curetted surfaces in any measurements. SEM images have revealed that the micro-organisms that occupied the surface varied in number, sizes of clusters and diversity of morphological types presented. With BA surface, more complex form of clusters were observed and less so on both machined and HA surface.ConclusionSurface roughness affects the biofilm formation within the first 14 hours of being in-vivo. Curettage did not make significant difference on cell adhesion area or dead cell ratio. As the cluster of microorganism varied in thickness, three dimensional evaluations may reveal more accurate understanding on mechanical debridement.
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