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Biting ability alteration accompanied by implant restoration in second molar

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 제 2 대구치에서 임플란트 수복에 따른 교합능력 변화 
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The aim of the present study was to analyze biting ability alteration associated with implant restoration of the second molar; the subjective impact of the implant treatment on the patient was also assessed. Biting ability was recorded objectively before cementation of implant supported single crowns (ISSCs), immediately following cementation, and 1 month after cementation. Subjective evaluation of biting ability was conducted before treatment and 1 month after treatment through use of a questionnaire. Load-bearing contact area, maximum bite force, and patient satisfaction were found to increase significantly 1 month after cementation of ISSCs. Restoration of the second molar with an implant increased both objective biting ability and subjective satisfaction one month after cementation of the ISSC. Subjects presenting with a missing second molar may therefore benefit from this type of treatment. Longer study periods and larger sample populations are needed to obtain more definitive results.
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