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Delta neutrophil index as a predictive marker of early mortality in gram negative bacteremia

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 그람 음성균에 의한 균혈증 환자에서 조기 사망 예측 인자로서의 Delta Neutrophil Index의 유용성 
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Despite medical advances, sepsis records still high mortality rate. To improve the treatment outcome, early detection of fatal sepsis is essential. And that is the reason why lots of researches about biomarkers of sepsis are in progress. Delta neutrophil index (DN), which corresponds to the fraction of immature granulocytes in circulating blood, could be calculated with a recent model of automatic cell analyzer (ADVIA 2120, Siemens Inc.). This study investigated the significance of DN as a predictive marker of early mortality in patients with gram negative bacteremia.We retrospectively collected data on adult patients who admitted an urban hospital between November 2010 and March 2011, with gram negative bacteremia. Laboratory and clinical data including DN were collected at the onset of bacteremia, after 2 days (Day 3) and after 6 days (Day 7).A total 172 patients were included in this analysis. Among the 172 patients, 17 patients died within 10 days. Elevated DN from the onset of bacteremia until day 3 could be a predictive marker of early mortality and 7.6% was the best cut off value of DN to predict early mortality in gram negative bacteremia. 지도교수 송영구
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