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Characterization of newly established clear cell adenocarcinoma cell line (YDOV-21) including comparative genomic and proteomic investigation

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 투명세포 선암종 세포주(YDOV-21)의 확립과 Genomic, Proteo 연구를 포함한 세포주의 특성화 연구 
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[영문]The establishment of an ovarian clear cell adenocarcinoma (CCA) cell line can facilitate the research for biologic properties of CCA and molecular mechanisms involving carcinogenesis. A new CCA cell line, named YDOV-21, was established from ovarian tissues of a 53-year-old Korean woman diagnosed with FIGO stage IIIb ovarian cancer. It has been maintained in long-term culture. For characterization of YDOV-21, In vitro morphology, Growth kinetics, Chemosensitivity test and Tumorigenicity were investigated. To understand the reason of the distinctive clinical features of CCA, comparative genomic profiles and proteomes of the YDOV-21 were also studied. Cultured YDOV-21 showed oval, round or polygonal cells in a pavement-like arrangement, piled up without contact inhibition. The cultured cells were easily adherent dish bottom and spread as a sheet of monolayer cell. Doubling time of YDOV-21 showed 28.7 hours. Chemosensitivity test revealed that the most sensitive chemotherapeutic agent was gemcitabine among the twelve tested drugs. YDOV-21 had a high tumorigenic potency in nude mice. The cell line showed rapid growth kinetic and early metastasic capacity. cDNA Microarray test revealed that 3,983 genes were up-regulated and 4,188 genes were down-regulated in the YDOV-21 cell line in comparison to four HOSEs (> five-fold, P < 0.05). Selected up-regulated genes were validated with SYBR Green real-time RT-PCR. Protein profiles were identified by 2-DE and MALDI-TOF/PMF method. In this analysis, 31 up-regulated spots were observed at least two-fold difference in the YDOV-21 than HOSEs as a control cell. The result of this study can be a valuable resource for the CCA investigation.
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