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항균 필러를 함유한 광중합형 치면열구전색재의 특성

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 Properties of light-cured pit & fissure sealants containing antibacterial filler. 
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[한글] 이상적인 치과용 심미 수복재는 심미성과 저작기능의 회복을 위해 적절한 물리화학적 성질, 생체친화성,내구성과 항우식성 등이 요구된다. 본 연구에서는 기존의 치면열구전색재 제품인 ConciseTM(3M Co., St. Paul., MN, U.S.A.)에 무&#8228;유기 복합 항균 필러(AP-7)를 0.5, 1, 2, 5wt%로 첨가하여 새로운 수복용 항균 치면열구전색재를 제조하였다. 이에 대한 물리적 성질로서 중합깊이, 중합시간 및 물흡수도와 용해도를 측정하였고, 생물학적 성질로서 세포독성 및 항균력 실험을 하였다. 기존의 제품인 ConciseTM 대조군과 비교 시험하여 다음과 같은 결과를 얻었다. 1. 항균 필러(AP-7)를 ConciseTM에 첨가하여 제조한 항균 치면열구전색재의 중합깊이를 AP-7 함량에 따라 측정한 결과, 대조군(ConciseTM)에 비해 항균 필러의 양이 증가함에 따라 중합깊이가 유의성있게 감소하는 경향을나타 내었다(p<0.05). 2. AP-7을 첨가한 항균성 치면열구전색재의 중합시간,물흡수도,용해도는 각 군 간의 유의차가 없었다 (p>0.05). 3. ConciseTM에 AP-7을 첨가해 제조한 항균 치면열구전색재의 항균력을 측정한 결과, 첨가된 AP-7의 양이 증가할수록 대조군에 비해 세균의 colony 수가 현저하게 줄어드는 것을 확인할 수 있었다. 특히, AP-7을 5wt% 첨가 하여 치면열구전색재를 제조한 경우 colony가 거의 자라지 못하는 결과를 나타내었다. 결론적으로, 기존의 치면열구전색재의 물리적인 성질을 약화 시키지 않으며 항균 필러를 첨가하여 우수한 항균력을 나타내는 항균 치면열구전색재를 제조할 수 있었다. 4. 본 연구에서 사용된 항균 필러(AP-7) 자체의 세포독성과 치면열구전색재의 세포독성 측정 결과, 세포 탈색지수와 사멸지수가 0으로 측정되어 반응지수가 0/0으로 나타났다. 또한 항균 필러를 치면열구전색재에 첨가하여 제 조한 후 세포독성을 측정한 결과 역시 탈색지수와 사멸지수가 0으로 측정되어 반응지수 또한 0/0이었다. 이상의 실험결과로부터 AP-7을 첨가한 항균 치면열구전색재의 물리적 성질은 기존의 치면열구전색재의 물성을 약화시키지 않고, 세포독성을 나타내지 않으며, 항균력은 AP-7의 함량이 증가함에 따라 증가하여 우수한 구강 항균력을 지닌 것으로 판명되어 항균성 치면열구전색재 및 콤포짓트 레진 등 치과용 심미 수복재료로의 응용이 유망하리라 사료된다.
[영문] Ideal dental esthetic restoration agents require suitable properties of/physical chemistry, organic affinity, durability, and anticariogenic nature in order to recover esthetics, and masticating function. For this study, the composite of nonorganic and organic antibacterial filler (AP-7) with 0.5, 1, 2, 5wt% was added to the conventional fissure sealant (ConciseTM 3M Co., St. Paul., MN, U.S.A.) to produce a new antibacterial fissure sealant. The experimental groups are compared with conventional sealant of physical and biological properties of the polymerizing depth and time, the degree of water absorption, the solubility, the cytoxic effect and antibacterial ability. The result was as follows : 1. The polymerizing depth was decreased by the increasing of the amount of filler(AP-7) compared with the conventional sealants. It was also verified that the nature of fissure sealant was not reduced very much. There was significant differences between the experimental and control groups(p<0.05). 2. There was no significant difference in the polymerlizing time between the AP-7 fillers added experimental group and conventional Concise fissure sealants(p>0.05).two groups according to the AP-7 content (p>0.05). 3. The water absorption and solubility degree of the fissure sealant added AP-7 filler showed no significants difference with the control groups (p>0.05). 4. The antibacterial ability of the antibacterial fissure sealant which was produced by the addition of AP-7 fillers to the conventional sealants ConciseTM was increase by the increasing of amounts of fillers. The number of bacterial colony was obviously reduced with the comparison of the control group. In case of the fissure sealant produced by the addition of AP-7 with 5wt%, the colony barely grew up, and with the addition of antibacterial filler, excellent antibacterial ability could be produced without weakening the physical property of the basic fissure sealants. 5. The the reaction index appeared as 0/0 by the cytotoxic effects of the antibacterial filler(AP-7) and that of the fissure sealant itself showed 0 in the cellulous discoloration index and the lysis index. The measurement of the cytotoxic effect on the new product which was made by adding antibacterial filler to the fissure sealant revealed that the cellulous discoloration index and the lysis index measured 0. Thus the response index appeared as 0/0. as a result, it was proved that the fissure sealant containing antibacterial filler which was produced for this study has no cytotoxic effects. The physical property of the antibacterial fissure sealant containing AP-7 filler does not weaken traditional fissure sealant''s physical properties and has no cytotoxic effects. The antibacterial ability will increase with the increase of AP-7 content as well. Therefor, it was proved that the antibacterial fissure sealant made for this study had an excellent oral antibacterial ability. In conclusion, the system developed in the study enhances the mechanical property, and it can be used as a dental esthetic recovery material for composite resin and antibacterial fissure sealant which has inhibitory effect against bacterial attachment.
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