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 Immunohistochemical study of the bronchus of guinea pigs with various antigenic inhalation 
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[영문] The purpose of this study is to demonstrate immunoglobulin deposition in asthmatic bronchial tissues by the use of the flucrescent antibody technique. The guinea pigs were actively sensitiged by direct inhalation of commercial house dust, egg albumin and regweed pollen. the histological findigs were identical with those of extrinsic bronchial asthma. Antiguinea pig gamma-globulin was obtained from rabbits after they had been passively immunized by the purified gamma-globulin of guinea pigs. The bronchial tissues were amcared with fluoresceinated anti gamms-glo-bulin and observed with a fluoresceuce microscope. The fluoreasceinated anti gamma-globulin was localized along the basement membrane and lower half of epithelium of the bronchus, while tissues of control group which inhaled starch showed no evidence of staining by fluorescence. The significance of the localization of antibody globulin as an initial tissue site of antigen-antibody reaction with inhaled antigen is discussed.
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