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치주낭내 치아표면에 부착된 치은상피세포의 주사전자 현미경적 연구

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 Scanning electron microscopic study of junctional epithelium on the tooth surfaces in periodontal pockets 
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[한글] 저자는 만성 치주염상태의 치주낭내 치아표면에 부착상피의 존재여부와 존재했을 경우 건강 치은열구내의 부착상피와의 헝태하적 차이점을 연구하기 위하여 Y대학 치과대학 부속병원에서 임상적으로 건강한 치아 5개와 만성 치주염으로 진단된 10개의 치아를 대상으 로 발치한후 주사전자 현미경으로 관찰하여 다음과 같은 결론을 얻었다. 1. 건강치은 부착상피는 볼규칙하게 둥글거나 타원형이거나 다각형으로 되어있으며, 치주낭내의 부착상피는 모양이 길게 늘어져 있으며 세포 개개의 형태를 명확히 구별할 수 없었다. 2. 치주낭내 부착상피 집단에는 터널같은 커다란 공간, 소위 Hole, whorl이 관찰되었다. 3. 치주낭내 부착상피 표면에는 microvilli가 파괴되거나 거의 없었다. 4. 건강치은 부착상피에는 Filopodia가 많이 관찰되었다. 5. 건강 치은 부착상피보다 치주낭내 부착치은 상피가 세포간에 많은 염증세포를 함유하고 있었다.
[영문] The purpose of this study was designed to evaluate the existence of the junctional epithelia on the tooth surface in periodontal pocket, and what were the morphologic differences between the junctional epithelia on the healthy and advanced periodontitis tooth. Fifteen premolar teeth from patients of Yon Sei University, Dental Infirmary were selected for this study. After extration, the teeth were prepared and examined in Scanning electro microscope. The results were as follows. 1. The junctional epithelia from healthy tooth surface were irreguraly round, oval, polygonal and slightly elongated while those from periodontal pocket were so elongated that difficult to distinguished the individual cell boundary. 2. There were a lot of round space so called "HOLE or WHORL" which seemed tunnel in periodontal pocket with advanced periodontitis. 3. Microvilli were going to destructed and disappeared on surfaces of junctional epithelia in periodontal pocket with advanced periodontitis. 4. There were a lot of Filopodia on Junctional epithelia from healthy surfaces. 5. Junctional epithelia from periodontal pocket with advanced periodontitis contained more inflammatory cells than healthy junctional epithelia did.
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