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치태 추출액이 hela cell의 성장과 그에 미치는 특성에 관한 연구

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 Effects of dental plaque extracts on cultured hela cell in vitro 
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[한글] 치태 추출액이 시험관에서 배양된 HeLa cell에 대해 미치는 영향을 측정하기 위하여 치주치료를 요하는 환자의 치태를 모아 증류수에 현탁화 시킨 후 4℃, 25,000rpm에서 원침시켜 상징액 A를 얻고, 남은 침전물을 증류수에 다시 현탁화하고 20,000psi의 French Pressure Cell을 통과시켜 치태 내 세균을 분쇄한 후 4℃, 25,000rpm에서 원침시켜 상징액 B를 얻었다. 이렇게 얻은 상징액 A와 B를 milipore membrane disc로 분획한 후, 각 분획을 열처리하고, HeLa cell 성장에 대한 효과를 관찰하여 다음과 같은 결론을 얻었다. 가. 치태 추출액의 HeLa cell에 대한 성장억제 효과는 72시간 이후에 뚜렷했고, 96시간에 있어 상징액 B가 A또다 크게 관찰됐다. 나. 각 분획의 HeLa Cell에 대한 성장억제 효과는 상징액 A에서는 10^^3 dalton 이하의 분획이, 다른 분뵉보다 다소 높게 나타났고, 상징액 B에서는 10^^4 dalton 이 상의 분획에서만 관찰되었다. 다. 치태 추출액의 세포 독성은 상징액 A에서는 10^^4 dalton 이상 10^^4 dalton이하의 분획이 가장 컸고, 상징액 B에서는 10^^4 dalton이상의 분획이 컸다. 라. 열처리 후 상징액 A에서는 HeLa cell에 대한 성장 억제 효과가 감소되지 않았지만 세포 독성은 감소되었다. 상징액 B에서는 성장 억제 효과와 세포 독성 모두가 뚜렷하게 감소하였다.
[영문] The purpose of this study was to observe the effect of dental plaque extracts on cultured HeLa cells in vitro. Plaque was collected from patients requiring periodontal treatment. The plaque was pooled, and homogenised in distilled water. The mixture was centrifuged at 4℃, 25,000r.p.m. and the supernatant was collected (Sup A). The remained pellet was resuspended with distilled water of equal volume as the above then was passed with 20,000 psi in French Pressure Cell and centrifuged at 4℃, 25,000r.p.m. (Sup B). Sup A and Sup B were fractionated by milipore membrane disc. The effects on HeLa cell growth were also observed through the heat treament on each fraction. The results are as follow: 1. It was evident after 72 hr.that dental plaque extracts had the inhibitory effect on cultured HeLa cell in vitro. The effect was greater in Sup B than in Sup A. after initiation of experiment on 96 hrs. 2. Sup A showed the higher inhibitory effect on HeLa cell growth in fraction of melecular weight of less than 1000 dalton than in other fraction. While Sup B showed the effect only fraction of molecular weight of more than 10,000 dalton. 3. Sup A had the greatest proportion of dead cell to total viable cells in fraction of molecular weight between 10,000 dalton and 100,000 dalton while Sup B had it in more than molecular wei호t of 10,000 dalton. 4. After heat treatment, inhibitory effect on cultured HeLa cell was not reduced, but proportion of dead cell to total viable cells was reduced in Sup A. In Sup B, both the inhibitory effect and proportion of dead cell to total viable cells were reduced.
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