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당뇨백서 발치창 치유시 고압산소 요법이 미치는 영향에 관한 실험적 연구

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 (The) effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on extraction wound healing of streptozotocin-lnduced diabetic rats 
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[한글] 저자는 구강내 난치성 창상에서 고압산소요법의 효과를 실험적으로 밝히 고저 백서 50두에 streptozotocin을 투여하여 당뇨병을 유발시킨 후 하악좌측 제 3대구치를 발거한 후 실험군을 2.5기압하 100% 산소에 2시간씩 노출시켜 발치창 치유과정과 그 효과를 광학현미경을 사용해 시기별로 관찰하여 다음과 같은 결론을 얻었다. 1. 염증세포침윤은 대조군, 실험군 공히 발치창치유 초기에 심하였으며 대조군은 실험 전기간에 걸쳐 고도의 염증세포 침윤상을 보인 반면 실험군에서는 3주 이후에는 중등도,4주 이후에는 경미한 염증세포 침윤상을 보였다. 2. 모세혈관증식은 대조군이 1주후 중등도를 보인 반면 실험군은 1주후 고도의 모세혈관증식을 나타내 대조군에 비해 신생모세혈관 형성이 왕성하였다. 3. 조골세포활동은 대조군은 실험 2주후 경미한 조골세포의 활동 보이나 실험군은 1주후 중등도 실험 2주후 고도의 조골세포 활동을 보였다. 4. 섬유아세포증식은 대조군, 실험군 공히 2일후 경미한 섬유아세포증식상을 보이며 대조군에서는 실험 3주후 까지도 중등도의 섬유아세포증식상을 나타낸 반면 실험군에서는 1주후부터 고도의 증식상을 보여 대조군 보다 빠르고 왕성하였다. 5. 상피화는 대조군은 실험 2주 후까지도 경도의 상피화를 나타낸 반면 실험군은 실험 1주후 중등도, 실험 3주후에는 고도를 나타내 대조군보다 상피화가 빨리 이루어졌다. 이상의 실험결과를 종합하면 당뇨백서 발치창 치유시 고압 산소요법은 치유를 촉진시키는 것으로 사료된다.
[영문] This study was undertaken to observe the histopathologic changes of the extraction wounds of diabetic rats when exposed to hyperbaric oxygen. A total of 50 rats (Spraque-Dawley strain) were used, which were all induced with diabetes using streptozotocin before the experiment. The experimental group was exposed to hyperbaric oxygen at 2.5 atm. for 2 hours a day during the experimental period. The obtained results were summarized as follows : 1. Severe infiltration of inflammatory cells was observed in the initial stages of both the control and experimental groups. The infiltration showed a decreasing tendency at 3rd week in the experimental group, while severe inflammatory infiltration observed in the control group during the entire experimental period. 2. There was abundant proliferation of capillary blood vessels at 1st week after extraction in the experimental group, while moderate capillary growth in the control group was observed at 1st week after extraction. 3. Osteoblastic activity was started at 1st week after extraction in the experimental group, but there showed markedly delayed appearance in the control group, which skewed at 2nd week after extraction. 4. The proliferation of fibroblasts showed rather rapider in the experimental group at 1st week, but it was moderate in the control group at 1st week, 2nd week and 3rd week. 5. Epithelialization of the extraction wound was started at 2 days after e17radion and reached its peak at 3rd week in the experimental group, while control group seemed to be delayed and incompleted during the experiment. With regard to these results, hyperbaric oxygen therapy disclosed an effective results on the healing of the extraction wound in diabetic rata under exposure at 2.5 atm for 2 hours daily.
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