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唾液의 澱粉消化 酵素 (α-Amylase)가 우蝕과 齒石에 미치는 影響

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 Effect of salivary amylase on dental caries and dental calculus 
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[영문] In the present study the relationship between incidence of dental caries and dental calculus deposition in salivary amylase activity was biochemically and statistically observed. A total of one hundred and ninety-four boys at Suh-Dae-Mun Primary School received oral examination, and at the same time a collection of their saliva was made for analysis. For the analysis of saliva, a Method for Quantitative Determination of Salivary Amylase recommended by Claycomb. et al. (1956), a kind of starchiodine staining method, was employed. the result were as follows: 1. The Average Number of Carious Teeth per individual was slightly greater in the group of higher amylase activity than in lower activity group. 2. Greater incidence of calculus deposition was observed in the group of lower amylase activity than that in higher activity. 3. There was a tendency to negative correlation between incidence of dental caries and dental calculus deposition.
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