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 Clinical Studies on Cataract Surgery Patients 
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[영문] Surgery of the lens of the eye os almost exclusively limited to that which is done for a cataract. It is this type of operation which has t possible for the greatest number of the blind to recover vision. There is documentary historical evidence that surgery for cataracts was performed by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. The first recorded extraction of the opaque lens was done by Davial in 1745 who used a traiangular knife to section the limbus. Subsequently the fact that many eyes lost their sight because of infection prevented be widespread use of this important surgical discovery until the Listerian epoch. Since 1870 and the advent of antisepsis the use of this operation for cataracts has become generalized so that today its use si widespread . Also there has been development and progress in the method of surgery. Although there are many serious complications which may follow the extraction of a lens for cataract, the incidence of such is relatively rare. This study is based on a survey of the results of 479 cataract operations each performed under similar conditions, but using a variety of operative techniques. These operations were performed at Y.U.M.C. Department of Ophthalmology between 1964 and 1973. The results of the study are summarized as follows.: 1. From 1964 through 1973 there were 384 cataracts done 225 males and 159 females. 2. Cataract extrations were done upon 479 eyes. The type of cataracts are: emile 341 traumatic 57 complicated 35 congenital 21 other 25 3. The incidence of operative complications was: vitreous loss 17.2% capsule rupture 6.5% iris prolapse 1.7% 4. Early postoperative complications included: striate keratitis 55.2% hyphema 22.9% infection 3.1% pupil drown up 1.5% iris prolapse 1.5% conjunctival bleb 1.3% 5. The following were late postoperative complications: corneal edema 2.1% glaucoma 2.1% retinal detachment 2.0% uveitis 1.1%
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