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 (A) study of the curriculum improvement of nursing education 
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[영문] Introduction This study is concerned with improving the nursing education curriculum . The purpose of the study was to 1. Review the basic principles of curriculum development. 2. Determine opinion about current nursing curriculum from recent nursing school graduates. Methods of the study A questionnaire was distributed to 250 nurses, in 7 general hospitals in Seoul. The nurses were graduated from nursing school in 1973, but represented all type of nursing programs. The questionnaire was designed to illicit responses about nursing school curriculum in 5 areas: 1. Establishment of objectives 2. Selection of learning experience 3. Organization of learning experience 4. Instruction Writing(43.7%) Supporting nursing courses - a. lecture which centered on explanation(34.0%), b. laboratory practice(37.8%) Clinical nursing courses - a. lecture which centered on writing(35.0%), b. clinical practice(38.4%) The percentage of respondents replying that various equipment for the learning activities were "insufficient" were as follow: Liberal arts courses - 51.0% Supporting nursing courses - 28.6% Clinical nursing courses - 37.9% 5. Evaluation In the liberal arts courses, 30.6% of the respondents answered that the evaluation of records was in their opinion "poor", and 28.2% of the respondents reported that the method of evaluation was "unfair and discouraging." "Development of a systematic theory of nursing" was thought to be essential for curriculum improvement. The respondents felt that the junior year was the hardest because 1. number of subjects was too great(28.1%) 2. Lake of a systematic theory of nursing(14.5%) 3. Conflict due to the difference between nursing theory and nursing practice(21.4%) Recommendations 1. Since this study was limited to nurses who had graduated in 1973, a larger study involving professors, graduate students, and nurses from a wider area is suggested in order to establish the reliability and validity of the present findings. 2. Nursing research should be carried out more actively in order to develope nursing science 3. A permanant organization for research into ways improve the curriculum should be established in each nursing school.
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