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수종의 desensitizing agent가 상아질 투과도에 미치는 영향

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 (The) effect of various desensitizing agents on the permeability of human dentin 
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[한글] 상아질 지각과민을 설명하는 hydrodynamic theory에 의하면 상아세관 내용물이나 상아세관액의 이동에 의하여 상아질 지각과민이 나타난다. 이 이론에 근거하여서 상아세관액의 이동이나 상아질 투과도를 감소시키면 상아질 지각과민을 줄일 수 있다고 추론할 수 있다. 상아질 투과도를 감소시키고 노출된 상아질의 민감성을 줄이기 위하여 다양한 물리화학적 방법이 사용되었고 대부분은 부분적인 세관폐쇄를 나타내었다. 본 연구의 목적은 in vitro에서 상아질을 통한 fluid flow rate을 감소시키기 위해 수종의 desensitizing agent가 상아질 투과도에 미치는 영향을 알아보기 위한 것이다. 우식이 없고 마모가 없는 발거된 사람의 제 3대구치에서 1mm 두께의 coronal dentin disc를 60개 준비한 후 상아세관 입구를 막고 있는 도말층을 제거하기 위하여 3% EDTA(Tubulicid Plus**(R) (Dental Therapeutics AB, Sweden))로 dentin disc의 표면을 처리하렸다 . disc를 split chamber device에 위치시킨 다음, 158 cm 정수압 하에서 상아질을 통한 생리식염수의 투과율을 측정하였다. disc의 교합면을 2% NaF, 30% Potassium oxalate, MS Coat**(R) , Tubulitec system?로 처리한 후, 다시 생리식염수의 투과율을 측정 · 비교 분석하여 다음과 같은 결론을 얻었다. 1. 모든 군에서 약제 도포 후 hydraulic conductance는 유의성있게 감소되었다. (p<0.05) 2. 2% NaF, 37% Potassium oxalate, MS Coat**(R) , Tubulitec system**(R) hydraulic conductance의 % change 비교시 통계적으로 유의하지 않았다. (p>0.05) 2% NaF, 30% Potassium oxalate, MS Coat**(R) (, Tubulitec system**(R) 모두 상아질 투과도를 감소시켰으며 지각과민의 처치에 사용할 수 있을 것으로 사료된다.
[영문] The hydrodynamic theory of dentin sensitivity states that movement of tubular contents or tubular fluid, in either direction of dentinal tubule, causes dentin sensitivity. A corollary of that theory is that anything that can decrease dentinal fluid movement or dentin permeability should decrease dentin sensitivity. A wide variety of physicochemical methods have been uesd to reduce the permeability and sensitivity of exposed dentin. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the ability of 4 kinds of clinical desensitizing agents(2% NaF, 30% Potassium oxalate, MS Coat**(R) , Tubulitec system**(R)) to reduce the rate of fluid flow through dentin in vitro. Sixty coronal dentin discs, 1mm in thickness, were prepared from extracted third molars, free from decay and wear. Dentin discs were treated with 3% EDTA(Tubulicid Plus(Dental Therapeutics AB, Sweden)) to remove the smear layer and debris occluding the tubular orifices. After placing the discs in a split chamber device, the rate at which physiologic saline solution could filter across dentin under 150cm H^^2O hydrostatic pressure was measured. The occlusal side of the discs were then heated with MS Coat**(R) , 2% NaF, Tubulitec system**(R) , and 30% Potassium oxalate, and the filter ratio of the saline solution was measured again. The following conclusions were drawn : 1. Hydraulic conductance which was measured after the application of desensitizing agents was decreased in all the groups. (p<0.05) 2. % change of hydraulic conductance was compared but no significant difference was found among the four desensitizing agents. (p>0.05) 2% NaF, 30% Potassium oxalate, MS Coat**(R) and Tubulitec system? decreased the permeability of dentin. It is considered that above four agents can be used in treating the hypersensitive teeth.
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