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3관능성 BPA-3MA를 기질로한 광중합형 치면열구전색재의 물성 연구

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 (The) study for physical and mechanical properties of the light curing pit and fissure sealant using trifunctional BPA-3MA matrix 
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[한글] Bis-GMA에 메타크릴로일 클로라이드를 반응시켜 두 개의 하이드록시기중 하나를 메타크릴레이트로 치환하여 합성한 3관능성 BPA-3MA(bisphenol-A trimethacrylate)를 치과용 복합레진의 기질로 사용 가능한지를 알아보고자 BPA-3MA와 Bis-GMA를 각각 기질로 하고 triethylene glycol dimethacrylate(TEGDMA) 희석재, camphoroquinone 광증감제, ethyldimethylaminobenzoate(EDMAB) 광개시제와 silane 처리한 5 ㎛ pyrogenie silica 충전재를 혼합하여 각각 BPA-3MA 치면열구전색재(3MA)와 Bis-GMA 전색재(GMA)를 시험 제조하였다. 기존 상품 1종(CLW, Concise L/C White Sealants, 3M Co., U.S.A.)을 선택하여 굽힘강도와 간접인장강도, 마모도, 표면경도, 물흡수 및 용해도, 광중합률 등 물리적 및 기계적 성질을 조사하여 다음과 같은 비교 시험 결과를 얻었다. 1. 굽힘강도는 CLW가 가장 우수하였으나 3MA와는 유의차가 없었다. 2. 간접인장강도는 3군 모두 비슷하였다(p>0.05). 3. 마모도는 3MA와 GMA가 CLW보다 높은 저항성을 나타내었다(p 0.05). 4. 경도는 3MA가 가장 높았다(p<0.05). 5. 물흡수는 3MA가 가장 적었다(p 0.05). 6. 용해도는 3MA와 CLW가 낮았다(p 0.05). 7. 광중합률은 GMA와 CLW가 50%정도로 3MA보다 높았다. 이상의 결과로 3관능성의 BPA-3MA를 기질로 사용하여 치면열구전색재를 개발할 경우 기존의 제품보다 우수한 물리적, 기계적 성질을 갖는 재료가 될 것으로 판단된다. 또한 보다 우수한 물성을 갖는 복합레진의 개발도 가능할 것으로 사료되었다.
[영문] The BPA-3MA(bisphenol-A trimethacrylate) in which one of two hydroxy group were substituted by methacrylate was synthesized by reaction of Bis-GMA with methacryloyl chroride. To investigate the possibility to apply BPA-3MA as matrix of composite resin or pit and fissure sealant, BPA-3MA(3MA) or Bis-GMA(GMA) as matrix, TEGDMA as diluent, CQ as photosensitizer, EDMAB as photoinitiator and 5 ㎛ pyrogenic silica as filler were used for making experimental sealants. In addition, these experimental sealants were compared to a commercial Concise L/C White sealant(CLW, 3M Co., U.S.A.) for flexural strength, diametral tensile strength, amount of abrasion, surface hardness, water sorption and solubility, and degree of conversion. The results were as follows ; 1. The flexural strength of CLW was the highest value but there was not significant difference with 3MA. 2. In diametral tensile strength, all 3 groups were similar(p O.05). 3. The amounts of abrasion of 3MA and GMA were less than that of CLW (p 0.05). 4. The surface hardness of 3MA was higher than that of GMA(p<0.05) but similar to that of CLW. 5. The water sorption of 3MA was less than that of GMA and CLW(p<0.05). 6. The solubilities of 3MA and CLW were less than that of GMA(p 0.05). 7. GMA and CLW were relatively polymerized well as compared to 3MA. From above results, pit and fissure sealant using trifunctional BPA-3MA as matrix had superior physical and mechanical properties to existing Bis-GMA sealant. Furthermore, it will be possible to develop new composite resin having superior properties to existing composite resin.
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